4 Winter make-up looks to woe

What can be a merrier festival than having the sound of jingles surround your streets, the fairy lights spread positivity even at dark nights and the anticipation of your secret Santa bringing home your wishes. Amidst all the warm wishes and cinnamon greetings, there is absolutely no way you cannot be looking luscious and flawless. While we are often clouded with exchanges of plum cakes and vintage wines; there is no better time to declare yourself fashion forward. Be it the family visits or the Christmassy nights with your girlfriends; a gorgeously done make-up is essential to complement the chills.

Where popping on the Santa colors over your outfit certainly plays an important role to uniform a Christmas look; the make-up too should be kept alike, or not?

Here are 4 make-up looks for this Winter season:

1. Don’t spare me the red!

No matter what, Christmas is all about the color red. Where some might not put on an entirely red outfit, throwing on a red element is essential to be sticking to the Santa theme. Now if you do not wish to outshine your outfit, splashing on a bright red lip color from Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme range is perfect. Matte in cream with high pigment to compliment the red of the celebrations, along with mild smoky eyes and high highlight definition is the right thing to do. Not to mention the sleek application helping you beautifully outline your lips without any mess or rawness.

2. The bold and beautiful!

Christmas wants you to express your joy by playing around with make-up. After creating the perfect dewy pink-undertone base, and concealing your under-eye with the Colorbar concealer, giving a blush of pink or coral; You can go up an-ante with the temple winged eye by filling your entire eye-lid with your usual eye-liner. If you want to stay lighter with your colors, then create the ultimate feline flick with festive glitter instead.

3. Move up the party!

We all have tried and been friendly with the glittery eyes, but the move over glitter lips, this season is all about foil-effect rose gold. Who knew the make-up unfolded upside down by keeping your eyes naked with cleanly done mascara and bringing the glamour solely to your lips is even possible? Minimal efforts and a mild touch of Colorbar brush is all you need to pull-it-off.

4. Santa schemes!

Call it orthodox if the Christmas palette is not meant to be dropped on this day. Channel your inner elf with a dash of understated green eyeliner over and under your eye after using a Concealer well to accentuate the brightness at a starry night. Bring to the aisle your bold red lipstick and a minimal blush touch under the trending rainbow highlight with the Colorbar Shimmer Bar.