All the Magic and Pizzazz of Nail Lacquers

We face multiple unwanted distractions during the day, while working, meeting friends, getting proposed. But the one distraction we look forward to is a glimpse of our beautiful, absolutely spellbinding nails! Typing a serious mail to your boss, and oh! look at your lovely nails. An extension of your perfect personality? Is that a coral red nail polish, a parrot green lacquer, a metallic chrome glossy finish perhaps? Quick, take a pic and stretch those fingers with that mug of coffee so you get a few followers envious on Instagram!

According to Google, we have China to thank for this. Way back in 3000BC, the elites of the Zhou Dynasty wore Silver and Gold nail polish to distinguish themselves from the ordinary, their subjects. Soon, black and red nail polishes too were introduced. Somewhere in the Middle East, henna was used to apply on nails for that rich reddish-brown pigment. The trade route from India to Europe helped spread the use of nail polish and the rest is history.

History lessons over, back to nail polish and nail lacquer.

Difference Between Nail Polish & Nail Lacquer

Both are synonymously used today. But there are slight differences between the two. Nail polish is generally used to decorate nails, add a little art, or a blob of beautiful pink paint. It is not very chip-resistant and doesn’t protect the nail against drying or yellowing. Nail polish can provide a variety of finishes ranging from matte to glossy.

Nail lacquers are much thicker than nail polish. Call them varnish if you must! They prevent chipping and protect the nail from drying and yellowing. And provide a highly pigmented, super smooth glossy finish. Lacquers also dry quite fast! So if you’re rushing to your wedding and need to apply a coat of nude pink at the last minute, go for a lacquer. All it takes is 60 seconds and a good bff to cast that spell as you walk towards your beau.

All Hail Colorbar Lacquers

Colorbar has a range of lacquers and vegan nail lacquers. The Colorbar Nail Lacquers come in the widest array of colors - pinks, reds, blue, greens, purples, metallics and more.

These are formulated with the effective 7 FREE FORMULA, that means no formaldehydes, no resin no DBP, no toluene, no camphor, no paraben and no xylene. That means, no harmful chemicals that can harm your nails or your body in any way! The special wide applicator, or as we like to call it here, magic wand, helps coat the nail effortlessly and without spillage.

Chip-resistant through and through.

Make Way For The Enchanting, Innovative Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer

Brace yourselves for the ultimate, charming, Vegan Nail Lacquers. Our very own patented range of nail paints that are nourishing, highly pigmented and did we mention innovative? This one’s a 100% Clean Beauty initiative towards a greener and healthier environment. It’s 100% vegan and vegetarian and proudly cruelty-free because we love our furry friends. What’s behind this pure magic? The 20 FREE Formula.

The 20 FREE Formula is free of toxic chemical, carcinogenic chemicals, animal-derived pigment, parabens. And most significantly, the formula is non-yellowing and non-chipping. The formula is infused with Biotin and Calcium that provide necessary nourishment to your lovely nails. So you can wave your hands and flaunt those tips like the beauty you are!

What’s more? We have replaced all our plastic caps with a sustainable cap made of 50% wood that is both bio-safe and earth-friendly!

The Vegan Nail Lacquers leave behind a gel-like finish that is long-lasting. The wand for these potions is a double flat-wide patented U cut brush for one-stroke color application.

How Do We Use These Spells?


Step 1: Apply an initial, very thin coat, starting in the centre of the nail and then continuing to the sides.

Step 2: Follow with a second, more generous coat to add depth to the color.

In case your hands get shaky and the color flows outside the lines, grab the Colorbar Nail Polish Remover (one of our most loved products) and strip away all traces of the lacquer in one go. The remover is enriched with essential proteins and Vitamin B5 that moisturize and strengthen nails!

We did an internal study of our own where Colorbar’s hardworking magicians reported that these amazing lacquers provide whopping 100% coverage, 96% wear performance after 6 days and a 100% high gloss! Almost like mirrors these are, but better.

Go, get paint the town red, turn a few heads with nail lacquers. An accessory that can magically transform a look, and make your hands even more pretty.

Type Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquers and peruse at ease, beauties!