Be who you are. Find it right with 24Hrs Weightless Liquid Foundation

Fair, tanned, dark, sun-kissed - Beauty has no skin tone. You define beauty with all your uniqueness.

The world is a galaxy of beauty, and you make it sparkle with your unique glow. No one can tell you who to be.

No one else can play your role better than you. And there’s no one else you’d rather be,

So just “Be who you are”.

It’s true that women are incredibly beautiful and the sheer diversity of their beauty is just breath-taking. And while acknowledging that, we know that women with varied skin tones have struggled for decades to find shades that match their skin tones. This is us embracing and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness, especially their unique skin tone.

One size, or one shade if you may, no longer fits all. It’s about time that women across the spectrum – from the fairest to the deepest skin tones – find beauty that lets them be who they are. For too long the foundation and makeup catered to fair skin. With this launch, we should exemplify that we're working towards making makeup inclusive and for everyone.

And we’re not simply dipping our toes in water here. We’re fully committing to empower women to find it right with our new range of liquid foundation consisting 30 shades.

Yes, you read that right! We’ve launched 30 shades of 24HRS Weightless Liquid Foundation for all skin shades and types!

Colorbar proudly presents the new liquid foundation in 30 shades so you can FIND IT RIGHT for your skin and unabashedly BE WHO YOU ARE!

So who can use this foundation?

Well, everyone! Gone are the days when selecting a foundation meant choosing out of limited range of shades. Colorbar’s new 24 Hours Weightless Liquid Foundation comes in ground-breaking 30 shades allowing you to choose what fits you right.

30 shades of flawless!

Colorbar 24 Hours Weightless Liquid Foundation comes in 30 exciting shades crafted to suit your undertone. Choose the right shade for your skin to even out and correct complexion. The high-performing pigments in our foundation give you comfortable and long-lasting coverage.

24 hours long-lasting power

Our all new foundation is oil-free and designed in such a way that you can swing all day without worrying about sweat or humidity! Now ace those office video calls in the day and hang out with your girls at night wearing our Weightless Liquid Foundation.

Suitable for all skin types

Enriched with Vitamin E, Colorbar 24 Hours Weightless Liquid Foundation protects your skin from damage and is super hydrating! Whether you have oily or dry skin, the moisturizing formula of our foundation works magically for all skin types.

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Satin-finish coverage

Get smooth and shine-free finish instantly with Colorbar 24 Hours Weightless Liquid Foundation. It contains Special Treated pigments for lightweight coverage and color adherence. The foundation is crafted to provide smooth and even coverage which looks radiant and seamless!

Let your skin feel breezy

Our new foundation range is carefully designed to offer climate-adaptive technology that is resistant to sweat and humidity. Now worry less about the weather and let your skin breathe anytime, anywhere! Colorbar 24 Hours Weightless Liquid Foundation offers flawless coverage without blocking your pores so you can feel breezy all day long!

Oh so easy to use!

Get instant shine-free coverage with a natural finish with Colorbar’s 24 Hours Weightless Liquid Foundation. Our oil free and weightless formula is easy to apply and wear all day long.

At the end of the day, it is all that you had been asking for!