Cleanse For A Better Day

While cleansing might seem to be the least glamorous part of make-up and even monotonous in your everyday routine, the best facial cleanser is what sets the stage so other things may stand out. Once you effectively cleanse your skin, it rebalances the oils and clears the pores, so you don't only look refreshed but also face a smaller chance of having to deal with a bad breakout every other day. But if, no matter how hard you try, you are still not getting effective results, here are some tips and tricks that will help give your skin a more thorough cleanse:

1. It is popular knowledge that hot water opens up pores while cold water closes them. So, it is often suggested that you use hot water while using your face cleanser. But the temperature is important too. Warm instead of hot water is more effective when you’re deep cleaning your face since hot water can burn the capillaries and cause your skin to flush. For the best results, wash your face using warm water and Colorbar's best facial cleanser before finally splashing your face with cold water to close off all the pores so dirt and oil cannot accumulate.

2. If you are someone who uses the foamy kind of face cleanser, make sure to lather it up thoroughly in your palms before putting it on your face. This ensures that the suds in the cleanser will dissolve properly and can get right to action the moment it meets your skin.

3. No matter how grimy and oily your skin feels, soft, circular motions are the way to go. Lather up your face well with the tips of your fingers, making sure you especially reach the oily parts, including the corners of your nose, your chin and even your forehead. Spend at least thirty seconds doing this. The results will delight and astonish you.

4. Wash off the face cleanser by splashing your face thoroughly with cold water a few times. Then pat your face dry with a soft cloth or a towel. This step is especially important because any soapy residue remaining on your skin can cause you to break out into pimples easily.

5. Once you’re done with the process, you should feel clean and rejuvenated. The best face cleanser available at Colorbar will leave the skin of your face feeling a little taut and smooth to the touch. Do make sure it doesn’t feel too tight or have any redness to it, though, because that might mean the cleanser is not suited to your skin.

6. Always cleanse twice every day – once at night and once in the morning. At night, you wash the dirt and grime of the day while cleansing. In the morning, the oil our skin secretes while we sleep needs to be washed off well so you can give your skin a fresh and proper start.

7. The sweat from working out is a good way to flush our oils and toxins from the skin. If you did not clean your face beforehand, however, the dirt and makeup might get absorbed right back and lead to bad breakouts. This is why it is necessary always to give yourself a thorough cleanse before a workout session.

8. Sometimes washing our face once might not feel like enough. Some days call for a thorough double cleanse. This means that the first cleanse gets rid of all the grime and oil of the day while the second gives you a deeper and more effective wash. This is especially recommended for people who often wear makeup or live in humid areas.