College Girls’ Guide to Beauty: 7 Affordable Makeup Must-Haves

No more of “Don’t wear makeup to school, else you’ll be punished” because now you are in college. Yay!!

Which also means that it’s time to get hold of makeup products that are kind to your pocket and will have you looking FLY through class bunks, canteen sessions, and first dates.

Quite a task, no? If you are confused about what makeup products you should include in your everyday makeup kit, we are here to help you.

For our grown-up girlies out there, we have created a list of budget-friendly makeup essentials that will help you serve on-point looks every single day of college.

Makeup Essentials Every College Girl Should Own

Remember to treat yourself to a bar of chocolate after finishing your purchase because this is going to be the most successful and affordable college haul ever!

Fun Scenes with Sunscreen

Hands down, the first beauty essential that every college student should own is a sunscreen. Since most of your gol-gappa and momo binging sessions will happen outdoors, you gotta make sure that your skin is protected from the UVA/UVB rays of the sun.

Bid adieu to premature aging of the skin and uneven complexion with our Face the Sun Broad Spectrum Daily Face Protector which is an SPF 50+ PA++++ sunscreen. This water-resistant sunscreen is further enriched with Vitamin E and Olive Leaf Extracts that keep the moisture level in your skin intact.

BB is your Ba(s)e

Foundation Vs BB Cream? A dilemma that all college starters suffer from. Since it’s college, it’s best to keep things low-key; therefore, you could do with minimal coverage. Our Perfect Match BB Cream is designed for daily wear to make your skin look smooth and even.

Moreover, the SPF present in the BB cream will give additional protection to your skin from UV rays. And there you have a makeup product that will help you arrive at your 8 am lecture looking like a Diva.

Stay Snatched With Kajal

The next makeup essential a college babe needs is her waterproof kajal - for both special as well as ‘too-stressed-to-doll up’ days. This eye makeup essential will turn you from a zombie into a human being after an all-nighter. To lend the ultimate definition to eyes on a budget, go for our Mesmereyes Kajal. It’s a smudge-proof and waterproof kajal offering an intense black color that stays for 10 long hours, withstanding the sudden attack of rain, sweat, or tears.

You could go with just a bold stroke of this waterproof kajal on your lower lash line for an everyday look. Dolling up for a college fest? Create a kohl-rimmed eye makeup look using this kajal on both lower and upper lash lines.

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Lip Balm Stan Forever

Since it's just the beginning of your makeup journey, you may shy away from putting on lipsticks. So for the starters out there, a color lip balm will be a great way to keep your lips moisturized and give them a juicy hint of color.

Our Oh-So-Happy Lippy lip balm, which comes in three shades, is perhaps the most necessary makeup product a college girl could own. It not only prevents your lips from getting dry and chapped but also boosts serotonin levels due to the happiness-boosting ingredients present within. However, if you are a glossy lip lover, you could also try Kiss Proof Gel Lip Color for intense gloss and a high payoff.

Lipstick for Main Character Energy

Well, a lip balm won’t do the job for college fests or a girls’ night, right? You need lipstick to mark those special college moments. Either invest in one lipstick shade that you would be comfortable wearing daily or build an entire set with one lipstick from nude, coral, pink, and red color families.

A smudge-proof matte lip color that you should check out is our Matte Touch Lipstick. Its creamy formula ensures that the color doesn’t dry out your lips despite being matte. Trust these lip colors for staying stuck to your lips even after samosa and pasta sessions.

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Aesthetic AF with Blush

The Gen-Z is all out with their sun-kissed looks on the ‘gram, and it’s time you got your hands on a blush to keep up with the trend. A blush brightens up your skin by adding a flirty flush of color to your cheeks. So if you have a crush to impress, our Cheekillusion Blush might just play the cupid!

Apply some of the blush to the high points of your cheeks and nose to look as if you have just come back from the beach sans the damage caused by the sun.

Daily Mood is Glitter Nails

There's something else apart from formulas that need to be on your tips, and that is color. Love yourself some good nail art but don't have the money? Glitter nail paints will get you that same blingy effect on a budget.

And since there’s no one to surveil, you can go all out with glitters. Do try out the Confetti shade from our Vegan Nail Lacquer Range as it is an explosion of multicolor glitters. You could wear this glitter nail polish alone or on top of another nail lacquer for a more sparkling look.

Summing Up:

Keep your college glam always high with these seven makeup products. Buy these makeup products online and build your own college makeup kit right away.