Creme Me As I Am; The Lip Color That Feels Like Silk

There are two kinds of people in the world, the people who prefer creme lipcolor and the kind who are into matte lipcolor.

But what if we told you that we brought the best of both worlds into one magical product that we all have dreamt about?

From hydration, to rich color, to flawless formula, wouldn’t it be awesome to have it all in one product?

Well we got you here lovelies.

Colorbar brings you the luxurious, mesmerizing, and rich lip color that literally has it all!


Perfect for making a statement, the Creme Me as I am is a sculpting elixir of pure cream that gives you a rich and luxurious finish with its hyperpigmented and full-of-shine formula.

Crafted with a built-in primer, this lip color is a magic potion that glides so smoothly as if silk has touched your lips!

This next generation lip color feels like liquid cream on contact with its moisturizing ingredients which instantly shapes your lips leaving you with a wet finish. Amazing, right?

These cruelty-free, vegan natural lip colors come in 10 vibrant shades suited for all skin types so that you don’t have to skimp on your preference.

Make a pick from these vibrant and vivid vibrant shades of these hydrating  lipsticks, and trust us– you will have a lip color shade for every look of yours.


We all love a long lasting lip color that transforms our look while keeping our lips plump and hydrated. Colorbar brings you luxurious, lightweight, creamy lip color that adds sheer elegance to your look without weighing you down like a regular lip color.


Specially crafted with a built-in primer, this lip color has a hydrating formula that keeps your lips fully hydrated and moisturized. This long lasting lip color is pure crème and has rich pigment that primes, hydrates, soothes and preps lips, creating the perfect canvas for any lip look, making it one of the best hydrating lip colors out there.


The fluid-like cream feels so creamy and smooth and gives you a flawless base for any look. It also evens out your lips to give you a smooth application leaving you with a creaseless finish.

Perfect for the girls on the go, so go ahead and fuel up your lip-crate with these vibrant shades!