Dazzle like a Star with Colorbar Starry Drop Highlighter

All hail the Colorbar Starry Drop Highlighter! This is your magic wand for a glow as brilliant as the stars in the sky. In just a few drops, the liquid highlighter gives an instant radiance that is both natural and irresistible. Now say, you need to ensure a star-like entry at a party or at work, all you’ve got to do is pump a few drops and seamlessly slide it onto the high points of your face. And voila! You’ve successfully made heads turn.

The Starry Drop Highlighter comes with a gel-based hyper-glossy formula that spreads effortlessly and blends seamlessly. While the instant brilliance appears to come from within. The highlighter is long-lasting and imparts a multi-dimensional finish. One could say the finish is truly diamond-like, reflecting all the good light to enhance your beauty multifold. What’s more? The formula is super lightweight, that means easy application, comfort for all-day wear and zero signs of cakey makeup!

The Starry Drop Highlighter provides an immediate boost to your complexion, and also promises long-term benefits. All thanks to the goodness of the miracle ingredient - Polynesian Carrot oily extract that acts as a shield against photo-ageing of the skin. And helps nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it looking healthy and revitalized.



This Starry Drop Highlighter comes in two spellbinding shades just perfect for Indian skin tones -

Gold (Stella) - For when you wish to up the ante, bring on the sexy

Pinkish Gold (Lyra) - For when you wish to keep it subtle and yet stand out

Make them star-struck! A How-to-use Guide for the divine Colorbar Starry Drop Highlighter!

There are four amazing ways one can use the Starry Drop Highlighter.

1) There is a little bit of Cleopatra in all of us. Pump a few drops and seamlessly glide the Stary Drop Highlighter across the high points of your face - your cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and even your cupid’s bow. Use a good brush or a makeup sponge!

2) Don’t want to step out too loud? Easy! Mix a few drops of the Starry Drop Highlighter with your go-to foundation and delight in a subtle, dewy base and a finish that perfectly complements your skin.

3) Junk the coconut oil, and use the incredible Starry Drop Highlighter for the high points on your body! Once you’ve set your makeup in place and donned a divine ensemble simply apply this highlighter on your collarbones and shoulders to turn your look up by a few notches.

4) Try something different, look like a coastal goddess. Mix a few drops of the Starry Drop highlighter with your favourite cream blush and slide across your cheeks! Don’t forget to warm up the blend first with your fingers. Blush all you want and glow, moonchild!

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Pick the shade that will serve you best from the gold and pinkish gold. Maybe get your hands on our foundation too, so you can mix the highlighter for a heavenly glowy base. What say? Get, set, glow with the Starry Drop Highlighter!