Discover the Magic: Colorbar's Exclusive Valentine’s Day Makeup Kits Unboxed

The season of love has arrived! And, what better way to express your affection than by presenting your loved one with the exquisite makeup kits from Colorbar? 

Pamper your partner or yourself (we don’t judge) with our handpicked selection of three enchanting makeup kits: the Daily Dazzle Kit, the Makeup Magic Kit, and the Everyday Essentials Kit. We have curated these kits with loads of love and magic to bring out your unique style and radiate confidence throughout this Valentine’s season. 

Before we dig deeper and unbox Colorbar’s makeup kits, let's address the burning question—what makes makeup kits a thoughtful gifting option?


Why Makeup Kits?

Makeup kits are highly sought-after gifting items during special occasions and festive seasons. Our high-utility makeup kits are especially convenient and affordable, ranging between INR 699-1299, making them the best Valentine’s Day gift for your partner! 

Besides, they come with cute and sturdy pouches, making them your perfect travel buddy.


3 Go-to Colorbar Makeup Kits to Gift Your Partner this Valentine’s Day

Now that you know why our makeup kits are the best gift on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to explore Colorbar’s world of Makeup Magic, Daily Dazzle, and Everyday Essentials.


Kit #1: Daily Dazzle Kit



Price: ₹ 999


  1. Flawless Finish Primer x1 (30ml)
  2. Intensely Rich Kajal (Dreamy Black) x1 (0.3g)
  3. On The Go Makeup Remover Wipes x1 (10 Wipes)
  4. Travel Pouch x1

USP: Simplicity meets sophistication!

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Make your daily beauty routine easy with Colorbar’s Daily Dazzle Kit. Start your makeup routine by applying our bestselling Flawless Finish Primer. This gel-based primer will blur out imperfections to provide a smooth base for your makeup. Now that the stage is set, it’s time to spice up the look with our Intensely Rich Kajal. Enriched with Vitamin E to soothe the eye, this kajal stick is perfect for everyone and hassle-free to use owing to its one stroke application. 

The kit also comes with our On The Go Nail Lacquer Remover Travel Wipes for refreshing your look without worries!

Kit #2: Makeup Magic Kit

Price: ₹ 1299


  1. Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer x1 (Sabotage) (8ml)
  2. Intensely Rich Kajal (Dreamy Black) x1 (0.3gm)
  3. Cheekillusion Blush (Everything’s Rosy) x1 (4gm) 
  4. Lipstick x1
  5. Travel Pouch x1

USP: Express your artistic flair!

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Curated for makeup beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, the Makeup Magic Kit will be your ultimate companion to create a bold look on date night. Once your base is done, add a sun-kissed glow with our silky-textured Cheekillusion Blush. This powder blush has a lightweight, satiny texture that lends your cheeks a rosy matte finish. 

Next, make your eyes do the talking using the Intensely Rich Kajal in shade Dreamy Black. Last but not the least, make your lips irresistible by applying our glamorous lipstick to complete the look.

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Kit #3: Everyday Essentials Kit

Price: ₹ 699


  1. Flawless Finish Primer x1 (30ml)
  2. Intensely Rich Kajal (Dreamy Black) x1 (0.3g)
  3. Travel Pouch x1

USP: Elegance on the go!

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Colorbar’s Everyday Essentials Kit stays true to the age-old saying ‘less is more.’ So, get ready to weave your magic with this one-stop kit. 

Firstly, hydrate your skin with the luxurious primer that comes in this kit. Our Flawless Finish Primer is perfect for erasing invisible pores, lines and blemishes to give you that smooth base. Follow this up with a timeless classic smokey eye style and look effortlessly chic anytime, anywhere using the Intensely Rich Kajal. This highly pigmented, black kajal stick has an intense color payoff and lasts up to 12 hours without smudging. 

Carry these on-to-the-go in our super cute travel pouch, so you always have your essentials handy! 

Colorbar: Your beauty companion this Valentine’s season and forever!

Whether you choose to express yourself with the charm of the Daily Dazzle, the enchantment of Makeup Magic, or the subtlety of Everyday Essentials, Colorbar is here to cater to all your needs and help you achieve the perfect look for your special moments this Valentine’s season. Choose wisely!



  • Are Colorbar’s makeup kits safe to use for all skin types?

  • Yes, all the make-up products present in every Colorbar Makeup Kit have undergone strict dermatology tests, which makes them safe to use for all skin types.

  • Does Colorbar’s makeup kit come with a storage pouch?

  • Yes, all the makeup kits from Colorbar come with a travel pouch to store the products included in the kit.

  • Is the makeup remover wipes suitable for removing waterproof makeup?

  • Yes, the On The Go Makeup Remover Wipes are suitable for removing stubborn and waterproof makeup without being harsh on the skin.