Essential Skincare Tips for Holi

With Holi festival just around the corner, excitement for it has reached a fevered peak.  In this time of fun and frolic it is important to take the necessary precautions for your skin and its health. Holi colors can be quite damaging to the skin, if proper precautions are not taken. So the first step is to insist on organic colors and use of clean water while enjoying the festivities, it is also important to prep-up your skin prior to stepping out.

At Colorbar, we aim to give you the best protection possible, so you can enjoy this Holi without worrying about your skin, lips or nails.

Here are some of the tips to protect your skin from side-effects in this festive season:

1. The most important part of your skincare regimen should be your face. Mixed with dust, dirt, and sunlight, these colors and water can have a devastating effect on your sensitive facial skin. It is vital to take the necessary precautions to spare it from the brunt of the festivities. Colorbar offers products for your face and skin to provide maximum protection before, during, and after Holi.

2. Don't let colors get under your skin or nails this Holi! Your hands and nails are easy targets for colors. At Colorbar, we offer a range of base and topcoat along with fun and peppy nail shades. Choose your favorite nail lacquer shades from our widest color palette ever and save your precious nails from getting spoiled during Holi.

Our suggestion: Try a dark shade color and coat your nails well before stepping out, and enjoy a carefree Holi.

3. Your lips are especially sensitive part of your face and deserve a proper layer of protection and care too. The Colorbar's Starlit Lip Gloss acts as a stylish and effective protective layer for the festivities. Healthy use of our lip care products before and after the festivities can mitigate and erase the harmful effects of chemicals in the colors.

Now that you have played your heart out, it is time to come back to basics. It is important to hydrate your skin to prevent any susceptible damage, since colors have chemicals which suck out moisture from your skin and body. For everything else, Colorbar skincare comes to the rescue.

Use the Fresh Start Water Cleanser to detoxify your skin. Following it up with a foaming face wash can help get rid of the color on the face. A great shower, coupled with Colorbar’s huge range of skincare products is ideal to remove all the color, leaving you with a smooth, refreshed, hydrated, radiant, and clear skin.

At Colorbar, our aim is to help you feel incredible and carefree both during and after the celebrations, and our range of products is tailor-made for that experience.