Eyebrow On Fleek

Even though people all over the world have been known to spend a huge percentage of their lives coloring, shaping and contouring their faces into their definitions of beauty, a huge percentage of them tend to pay very little attention to the simplest of their facial features - their eyebrows. But eyebrows can easily make or break a look. They are the structure and set the stage so your incredible range of makeup products might make you look your best. But even though that's a fact, it is also true that a lot of people still choose to shave their eyebrows off and use an eyebrow pencil to draw them on instead. And, as any eyebrow shaving veteran knows, they never grow back the same after facing the betrayal of being shaved off after giving your face distinct features for most of your life.

But just in case you decided to preserve what you were born with, and quickly realized that not everyone has the luscious and always on-fleek kind of eyebrows of a Greek goddess, Colorbar has got you covered. A few strokes of the eyebrow brush, some magical powder, some concealer; and you too can have the eyebrows that look like an artist’s imagination. And here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve exactly that:

1. Choose the shade closest to your natural hair color when getting yourself a brow tint pigment. Once you have chosen one, you are just supposed to fill in between the lines that you drew using an eyebrow pencil. Just make sure to use an angular brush for this step.

2. While a lot of people go for a black eyebrow pencil while drawing their eyebrows, often dark brown pencils tend to suit one better and look more realistic. If you have shaved eyebrows, use a stencil to draw in the desired shape. If you have left your eyebrows alone, you can just follow the natural shape of your brows on the outer and inner edge and fill them in later.

3. Begin by taming the wild mess of teeny hair that is your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow brush to comb the hair into place. And, if you are feeling especially fancy, dunk the brush in a pot of brow gel before you brush your eyebrow. This way they will be set in place and will be more defined than usual.

4. You can use concealer to define your eyebrows more. Using an angular flat brush, you can add bits of concealer. Make sure not to use a lot of it at the same time and to avoid the lines you drew with the pencil. When you are blending the concealer, an egg-shaped blending sponge might be the best way to go. The shape keeps you from erasing parts of your painstakingly drawn brows by mistake.

5. The thing about your brows is that the more they stand out, the more feature and structure they give your face. This is why everything that you do should focus more on the defining and highlighting part of the process than anything else. When using a highlighter, for example, make sure to use a tint that is slightly bright so it can put more focus on your brows. Create a crescent shape under your brows using the highlighter before you carefully blend it into place. If you are going for something of a fade in style, you can again use an eyebrow brush to slightly and carefully lighten the inner curve of the brows.

Like in other situations in life, patience is a virtue here too. If you take the time and effort to actually follow the steps carefully and without messing up your work over and over again, you will have a work of art in your hands.