Find It Right – How to Find the Perfect Foundation Shade for Yourself

Just like partner matches, foundation matches too are made in heaven and options for both are plenty which makes it harder to find the right one. 

The end goal is to find a foundation which looks just like skin – but better. Perfect skin tone match, long-lasting, buildable coverage, lightweight formula – the checklist for finding the ideal foundation seems to be endless. Don’t worry boo, we got you. Colorbar Foundation comes in diverse shades of love for all your tones! Our Find it Right foundation match quiz makes finding the correct shade a cake walk. 

What to know before finding your match: Finding the perfect match requires a lil’ bit of knowledge about your skin such as what are your tones and undertones. Follow the steps below to find yourself the best foundation for days you want to just slay!

Step 1: Know your undertones: If you don’t want to add an extra step of color correction to your makeup routine, then it’s important to know what your undertones are. A quick way to do this is to check the color of your veins. 

Cool Undertones – Blue or purple veins

Neutral Undertones – Blue-green veins

Warm undertones – Green or olive veins 

Jewellery test: It’s always better to double check. Another way to determine your undertone is to see which type of metal makes you stand out. If gold jewellery is what makes you glow, then you have warm undertones and if platinum and silver jewellery are your best friends then you have cool undertones. The lucky ones – who can carry off both gold and silver metals, have neutral undertones. 

Our Find It Right quiz uses multiple easy to answer questions to help you get the perfect foundation. The layered questions aim to figure out the right shade for you without you actually trying on thousands of foundation. 

Step 2: Know the coverage you want: The best investment would be to go for a foundation which gives you buildable coverage. Be it comfortable medium or full coverage, a buildable formula gives you the freedom to follow your heart and mood and apply as required. Colorbar foundation is the perfect choice when it comes to this. Our 24HRS Weightless Liquid Foundation comes with a lightweight formula which is buildable and long-lasting. 

Step 3: Look for added benefits: If you need your foundation to look and feel better than your actual skin, look for a product which gives you more than just coverage. The Colorbar foundation gives you coverage and some extra benefits to keep your foundation looking fresh all day long. 24HRS Weightless Liquid Foundation is oil free yet hydrating making is suitable for all skin types. The unique formula helps to give you a natural and effortless smooth finish all day long.

Once you have found the perfect match for your skin tone, it’s time to slay that base!

Step 4: Know how to apply foundation: Blending it right is crucial to making your foundation look like second skin. Make sure you use a damp beauty blender to give a natural finish. 

Head to our website to and find the perfect shade for your tone with our Find It Right Shade Finder. Be it neutral undertones or cool undertone, Colorbar’s foundation range of 30 shades covers all tones of beauty. Why wait? Take the quiz to find your perfect match from our 24HRS Weightless Liquid Foundation.

You might have 99 problems, but finding the right foundation is no longer one of them!