Get Photograph Ready for Your D-Day with COLORBAR

Some brides can not dream of their ideal beauty look unless they enlist the assistance of a celebrity makeup artist. Afterall, it's your D-Day, - you have all the right to be as thorough as you can for your big day. However, a few bride's prefer to do their own makeup, while others prefer to leave the fate of their face to some beauty experts' favorites. Whatever your reason may be, it's worthwhile to invest in a variety of makeup essentials for yourself.

With makeup trends changing all the time and so many bridal looks to choose from, we've compiled a list of the best makeup products for your big day to suit every look. Remember, your skin plays an important role in the appearance of your bridal makeup, so plan ahead of time and develop a proper skincare routine before your wedding day. Here we've listed the must buys that every bride needs on their day:

Flawless finish primer for your flawless skin

Without proper preparation, your skin can look like a blotchy nightmare. And you obviously don't want that on your special day. After all, you'll want your makeup to last until the final selfie, toast, and twirl. As a result, primer is critical. The general rule is to use a Colorbar flawless primer. After you've finished cleansing and moisturising, apply it to your face, lips, and eyelids, and then top with foundation to create a smooth base.

Flawless Finish Primer

The Flawless Finish Primer is a luxurious face primer that will help you create a beautiful canvas for your bridal makeup. This exquisite formula prepares your skin and aids in the blurring of any imperfections on your skin, giving you a natural finish and flawless skin. This fast-absorbing primer, enriched with glycerine and silicone, melts into your skin, leaving it silky smooth. This primer is recommended for all skin types and is one of the best primers for makeup for instant radiance and a sensational velvety finish!

A long lasting, high definition foundation

When it comes down to selecting makeup products, the foundation has to be your starting point. You need to look for a product that not only makes your skin look flawlessly airbrushed, but also lasts the entire day. Long-lasting and long-wearing should be your cue. Another viable option is to use a high-definition foundation that is enhanced with pigments that reflect light. To get the best results, avoid SPF-infused products. Foundation should be applied in circular motions with your fingers on your face and down to your neck. Obviously, you don't want your face to be dull till your 'Vidaai' So, why settle for something less than 24 Hrs Weightless Liquid Foundation.

24Hrs Weightless Liquid Foundation


This foundation provides an oil-free and radiant base. This hydrating and bouncy formula with a high protection factor steals the show by blurring and perfecting the skin in a single stroke, leaving you with an even complexion. This ground-breaking face foundation cream protects and moisturises your skin for hours, leaving you with a flawless and even finish.

A compact setting powder for your settling day

Apply a compact setting powder, either pressed or loose, to your base to keep it in place. With just one swipe of a brush, excess oils are absorbed, resulting in a visibly flawless finish.

24Hrs Wear Weightless Powder Foundation


The 24hrs Wear Weightless Powder Foundation is an all-in-one foundation that comes in Super shades that match 30 normal foundation shades. This compact is your foundation's best friend, reducing the appearance of pores and leaving the complexion even, protected, and moisturised for hours.

With its long-lasting finish and sweat-proof formula, you'll get a seamless, matte, and natural look after each application. So say no to parabens and preservatives and yes to glowing skin with this Colorbar weightless powder foundation.

Let the eyes do the talking 

Your wedding day is the ideal occasion to make a statement with your eye makeup. Look for a palette that incorporates neutrals and metallics. Warm, earthy tones complement Indian skin the best. Shades of gold, bronze, and copper work well together as well, and if you are going for a modern Indian look, you can choose these colours without hesitation.

Colorbar Bewitching Eyeshadow Palette


Create any bridal makeup look and glam up your eye-game with the Colorbar Bewitching Eyeshadow Palette, from a day diva look to a night glam beauty. This ultra-luxe eyeshadow palette contains high intensity eyeshadow shades that will complement any makeup look you have planned. This exquisite mini palette contains four eye shadow colors that are highly pigmented and long-lasting. You can add a lot of drama and glam to your 'ravishing' look on the go with the Bewitching Eyeshadow Palette! Each velvety-rich textured eyeshadow shade in this palette glides on your lids like butter and blends so easily. Not only that, but it also adheres well to your lids, providing a rich and vibrant pop of color.

Since it's your big day, don't settle for anything less than 'The Best.' It's your time to grab the best makeup products from Colorbar for the most beautiful day of your life.