Smartest Way To Apply Lipstick Correctly For Your Lip Shape

Have you ever had a lipstick shade that seemed totally worth it while buying but turned out to be a bummer when applied?

Major disappointment, right? How to avoid it?

Though we believe that you should wear any lipstick you want, it’s a fact that whether a lip color will look as good as you want it to depends majorly on your lip shape. That doesn’t mean your lip shape is imperfect. It means that you need to apply your lipstick in a way that makes your natural lip shape pop. We will show you how you can apply lipstick perfectly for your lip shape through lip contouring and corrective techniques, and the shades you should look out for while shopping for lipsticks online.

The three common shapes we will deal with here are - big, small, and uneven.

But before diving deep into it, let’s list down the essentials you need to be able to apply your lipstick correctly.

What are the Essentials You Need to do your Lip Makeup?

Chances are you will already have these in your makeup drawer, but we bet most of them are lying unused. Now that you want to take your lipstick game up, get ready to use them daily.

Lip scrub
Lip balm
Lip primer
Lip liner
Lip Gloss



Let’s begin with the first and crucial step in lipstick application, and that’s lip prepping and priming.

How to Prep your Lips Before Applying Lipstick?

Flaky and chapped lips cannot hold a lipstick color for long, whereas moisturized and supple lips provide a smooth canvas for your lipstick to stay on. Here are some pro tips to make your lips soft and healthy -

1. Exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. Gently rub the scrub on your lips for 1-2 minutes, and then wash off the scrub. This will remove the build-up of dead skin cells from your lips

2. To hydrate your lips, apply a lip balm to your lips.

3. Lastly, to help your lipstick shade stay longer without feathering, apply a Lighten Up Lip Mender, which works as both lip balm and lip primer. Just because it absorbs fast, it can be used daily. The antioxidants in it moisturize your lips and prevent lip discoloration. Alternatively, you could dab some concealer or foundation onto your lips to make the color stay.

Now your lips are ready to be worked on. Let’s begin with our lip corrective and contouring techniques that will help your lipstick look perfect on your lip shape.

How to Apply Lipstick for Small Lips?

Small lips are slim and elongated. Since this lip shape tends to lack volume, you need to apply your lipstick in such a way that makes your lips look plump. Here’s how you can do it-

1. Dab on some foundation or concealer onto your natural lip line to hide it.

2. Take a Definer Lip Liner in Chocolate brown to overline your lips. Draw an ‘X’ slightly over your natural cupid’s bow, and from there, continue overlining the rest of your lips. Don’t overline the corner of your lips; instead, line the corners along the natural lip line so that it doesn’t look fake.

3. Repeat the same steps to overline your lower lip too.

4. Fill in your newly drawn lips with lipstick. Start dotting the lipstick on your cupid’s bow and the center of the bottom lip. Fill in the remaining areas by swiping the lipstick to the corners.



Best lipstick shades for small lips: Soft and light shades like corals and peaches in glossy finishes look amazing on your lips. Try out Sexy Kiss Proof Gel Color in the shades Saucy or Sassy.

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But if you want to go for dark or brighter lipstick shades, choose glossy lipsticks over matte lipsticks as the latter can make your lips thinner. However, if you want to wear a matte lipstick, top it up with some gloss to make your lips look fuller.

How to Apply Lipstick for Big Lips?

People including celebrities would kill to get plump and full lips like yours. However, certain lipstick shades and finishes might make your lips appear bigger than you want. You can fix that easily with the following tips:

1. Dab a concealer/foundation matching your skin tone along the natural lip line. Blend it in such a way that the color dissolves into your skin.

2. Line your lips just slightly inside the natural lip line using our You Go Girl Lip Liner in nude/brown shades. This long-lasting lip liner ensures precise application and prevents feathering of your lipstick too.

3. Avoid overlining your lips. Draw an ‘X’ slightly beneath the cupid’s bow and work your way to the corners. Repeat the step for the bottom lip too.

4. Fill in the remaining space in your upper and lower lips by swiping your lipstick from the center to the corners.



Best lipstick shades for big lips - Opt for dark matte lipstick shades over light glossy ones as the latter will create an illusion of thinner lips.

The best lipsticks for you will be Sinful Matte Lip Color in the shades Naked or Whip. However, no need to miss your nude lipstick shades. Just opt for one in matte texture.

How to Apply Lipstick Correctly to Uneven Lips?

If one side of your lips is thinner than the other side of the lips, then you have uneven lips. For such lips, all you need to do is balance out both sides. Here’s how you can do it -

1. Draw an ‘X’ on the cupid’s bow of your upper lips with the help of a nude/brown lip liner.

2. Now to make your lips look more proportionate, outline slightly outside the thinner part of your lips. Remember to not overline the corners but trace them along the natural lip line.

3. Trace the remaining part of your lips along the natural lip from the cupid’s bow to the corners. Your newly lined lips will now look more balanced.

4. Fill in your upper lip with the lipstick by swiping it from the center to the corners. Repeat the same step for lower lips.



Best lipstick shades for uneven lips - Now that you have got even lips, you can practically go for any shade of your liking. Go matte or glossy, nude or glam, it’s up to your mood.

A bright lipstick that you can try for a party look is Velvet Matte Lipstick in Over The Top Lip shade.

Now that you know how to make essentially any lipstick shade look good on your lips, catching up with the season’s trending lip colors will only add to your lipstick makeup.

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What are the Trending Lip Colors of the Season?

Every season has its color and so does this one! The good news is that gloss has made a comeback (rightly so!) while mattes still being relevant. Red, coral, orange, and pink lipstick shades are the season’s mandate for your lips.

Colorbar’s Sexy Gel Kissproof Lip Color in the shade Smarty will be the perfect juicy orange lipstick for the ones with small lips, while Sinful Matte Lipcolor in the shade Kinky will be the spot-on deep lipstick for big lips.

You are missing out if you don’t explore our mind-boggling range of lipsticks online at Colorbar Cosmetics.

Shop for the trendiest lipstick shades online, and grab some amazing deals.

The key takeaway of it all is that flaunt whatever you got. Just tweak it a little, and get the pout of your dreams.