How To Choose The Right Makeup For Your Skin Tone

The thing about makeup is that there is a fine line between looking like a goddess and looking like a clown! To avoid the latter it is important to identify makeup products that compliment your skin tone and do not clash with them. How to figure out the right makeup products as per your skin tone? We are here to make it easier for you! At Colorbar we strongly believe that beauty comes in all shades and we have the right products to make all shades come to life.  

From ivory skin tone to amber, we have got the perfect makeup products to accentuate your undertones and overtones.

FAIR SKIN: Fair skin comes with beautiful porcelain or pale finish and the task of finding makeup products which do not end up looking stark. Our Flawless Touch and Contour in the shade Neutral is perfect to add some depth to your face. Pair this up with our Pink Pinch Cheek Illusion Blush to give your face a natural looking flush. 

VANILLA SKIN: Skin tone that tend to burn rather than tan require enhancement of their undertones. Our Diva Lipstick in shade For Keeps is rustic enough to compliment your skin and let you shine. Club this with our Radiant Glow Illuminator pen to lift the highpoints of your face and boost up on the glow girl! 

IVORY SKIN: The darkest of the light skin tones requires a little pop of colour which enhances your natural skin color. From flirty pinks to smoky greys, our Party All Nite eyeshadow palette has the perfect amount of pigments to match ivory complexion. Take it up a notch with our Mettalics Body Shimmer in the shade Miss Reflective to add depth with a natural finish. 

PETAL SKIN: This skin tone is light and has cool undertones which need to be balanced with the right makeup products. Our Hook Me Up eyeshadow Palette consists of the perfect hues you need to neutralise the cool tones and achieve a well balanced look. Your eyelashes could use some loving with our Zoom and Whoosh Mascara putting your eyes back into focus, just like they should be!

BEIGE SKIN:  For those with fair skin and warm undertones, start your makeup with the transparent Perfect Match Primer and Aquafeel Foundation to get coverage which feels like second skin. The All Matte Eyeliner is perfect to let your eyes do the talking!

SAND SKIN: Those with sand skin tend to have an olive complexion with golden undertones and cool undertones which gives them a neutral undertone. Those with neutral undertones have the unique privilege of experimenting with as many colors and makeup products they like. From our Kiss Proof Lip Stains to our Smoky Eyes eyeshadow palette, there ain’t no color that you can’t slay! Make sure to use our Stunning Brow Pencil for eyebrows that slay!

TAN SKIN: For a medium dark complexion with warm undertones, color and glitter are your best friends. Our Velvet Matte Lipsticks contain the perfect amount of pigments to put your face in focus. The Radiant Glow Illuminator pen is all you need to glow! Don’t forget the Sheer Touch Mattifying Loose Powder to set the color and shine in place.

AMBER SKIN: A warm complexion with neutral undertones requires the glitter our Diamond Shine Lipgloss contains, a perfect amount of shine which is not overpowering. Use this with the Just Smoky Kajal to add drama to your eyes. Lastly, stay confident all day long with our Stay The Day Finishing Mist! 

Be it olive, tan or fair, the secret to look flawless lies in a bit of self-confidence and the best makeup products. You were born this way, embrace it with Colorbar.