Women’s Day Rituals: Awaken your Inner Magic with a Colorbar Dose

Rumi says, “You are the universe in ecstatic motion”. Women’s day is around the corner again as a reminder to treat yourself as such. The daily grind and hustle end up getting the best of us sometimes, and we usually turn a blind eye to the magic that lies hidden within us.

So ladies, let this women’s day be only about you and awakening your inner magic. If others have conditioned you to believe you are not special, it’s time to turn the narrative on its head. Instead of ticking the checkboxes handed over to you by others, make your own and tick them off on your terms. Easier said than done, darling, we know. This is why we have jotted down some mindful rituals you can easily do on Women’s Day to tap into your inner magic. And here’s a surprise for you. We have also suggested some Colorbar props to make the awakening process a tad bit easier for you.

Let’s get magical!

Stretch, Sweat & Scent it Out


Your body is your support mechanism, which makes it a sacred part of your life. And your responsibility is to treat it as such. Letting your body feel movement and flow is the greatest favor you can do for it. You don’t necessarily have to do exhausting HIIT workouts or hit continuous reps at the gym to sweat it out. Any kind of simplistic movement like Yoga or Pilates can also give that much-needed stretch to your muscles, making you feel all energized, awakened, and connected to your body.

And since we are talking about mindful Women’s Day rituals, ensure that every experience you have on this day is a pleasant delight to your senses. Don’t let sweaty odor turn off your mood. Let the spritzes of White Lush EDP shower you with lemon, mint, geranium, and lavender notes, and keep your spirits uplifted throughout your workout session.

Supple Skin for Sorted Mind


We can collectively agree on how a luxurious skincare routine gives you a top-tier self-care experience. Apart from the healthy glow it guarantees, the act of picking up skincare products, extracting their nourishing contents, and slathering your skin with luxurious textures is in itself a mindful and feel-good experience. Such me-time sessions have a special way of calming down your mind.

This women’s day go all out with your skincare routine. We urge you to opt for an extensive CTTM skincare Routine which involves Cleansing, Toning, Treatment, and Moisturizing. This will drive heightened and concentrated nourishment to all parts of your skin. However, oftentimes, we tend to lose out on taking care of our bodies. So, complete your skincare routine by nourishing your body with the luxurious texture of Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Body Milk. The feeling of bouncy and supple skin will boost your happiness levels.

Nail Down your Goals


Jotting down your goals helps you to gain clarity about what you want in life. Allow yourself to resign from the daily humdrum and devote this day to unearthing your deepest desires. What are your dreams? What is that crazy plan of action you have imagined to make your dreams come true? What are the things you are grateful for? How do you want to improve your mental health this year? Manifest a magical life by writing them all down in your secret journal. This Women’s Day, gather your thoughts, gift yourself new goals, and give yourself permission to believe in them.

How about making this old-school practice of ‘scribbling’ and ‘journaling’ more sensorial and aesthetic? Adorning your nails with Vegan Nail Lacquer will do the work for you. The sight of your favorite color on your nails as you write down the goals will delight and inspire you to no end.

Guilt-Free & Smudge-Proof Feast


Delighting your taste buds is one of the best ways to nourish your soul. An indulgent and satisfying gastronomic experience is a sensorial experience that no one should deprive themselves of. This Women’s Day, let go of calorie counts (off with those toxic body standards) and open yourself to the good things in life. Take out yourself on a lunch date to your favorite cafe, and load your plate with your favorite cheesy delights and delectable desserts. Some wine on the side too for an opulent experience. Allow yourself to feel each flavor gracing your tongue and soul without guilt.

Those binging sessions may remove the color from your lips, so make sure you wear our smudge-proof and transfer-proof Kiss Proof Lip Stain. Watch your pout stay as it is even after you are done hogging on that plate of butter chicken!

Wing it Boldly


Being bold about your choices is the first step to self-empowerment. It’s time to stop being apologetic for saying your opinions out loud. Yes, you may be tagged as too ‘bossy’ or ‘catty’ for affirming yourself. You may be tagged as someone 'hard-to-deal-with' for saying ‘No’. But remember that it is your life and you have the right to take its reins into your own hands. It's never an easy process, though, and you will probably displease a lot of people along the way. To be your bold and unapologetic self needs a lot of practice, so why not start today? This Women’s Day, let go of all inhibitions and step into your ‘Fearless Female’ era.

Sometimes a little external nudge goes a long way. So when you feel like you are slackening on the ‘boldness’ agenda, a sharp winged eyeliner would help you awaken your fierce side. How about gifting yourself our Wink with Love 14 Hrs Stay Eyeliner this Women’s day and embarking on a transformative journey?

Raise a Gift to Sisterhood




Lastly, raise a glass to all the kickass women you have in your life. Have an all-girls party with your besties or with the women in your family. Laugh out loud, share the tea that's going on in your life, and drink away all your worries with a glass of wine. Since we are connected through so many common experiences and struggles, celebrating this day in the company of women will help you have fruitful conversations and make you feel more understood. This Women’s Day, let’s have each other’s back, make our girls feel loved and heard, and celebrate sisterhood.

And to tell them how much you appreciate them, gift them something. Check out our wholesome Women’s Day Special Combos that will strengthen the bond between you and your bestie.

Wrapping Up:

We are in 2023, ladies, and it’s time to let go of norms and standards that do not serve our highest good. So let go of toxic beauty/body standards along with colorist and ageist notions. Immerse yourself in the special experience of womanhood by embracing and celebrating yourself in all your completeness. Awaken to the beauty of womanhood with these Women’s Day Rituals.

This Women’s Day, commit yourself to being your biggest fan. Let your magic take over the world.