Makeup Regimen for Oily Skin

While we are looking for the best make-up prodcuts to make our skin glow in winter, the truth is: the answer to the best make-up is always going to be subjective to our skin tone, diet, skin type and most definitely, age. The dryness and oiliness that the winters bring with it need more than just some face primer or some concealer. It requires you to adhere to a proper winter makeup regimen. Colorbar is a firm believer that whatever the climate might be, the health of the skin should always be maintained. Therefore, we are here to bring you some routine make-up tips that you need during winters.

Regimen to Ensure Levity from Oily Skin

Go for the exfoliant cleanser instead of a clarifying cleanser : Skin breakouts during winter is a pretty common thing to deal with. The clarifying products, can actually add to these issues and make the skin a lot more brittle. Therefore, you should use exfoliating cleanser and then tone your skin. It heals the skin and ensures that it is properly hydrated as well. Cleansing and toning is essential.

Coconut oil as a moisturizer : This regimen is more of a hack. Nevertheless, we have found this to be effective in every way. Winter makes it almost mandatory that your skin always remains hydrated. This is the very reason that we so often gravitate towards moisturising creams. However, creams tend to be a bit heavier than you might like. Therefore, our suggestion is that you use coconut oil for this purpose.

Use oil primer over moisturisers : Applying an oil-based face primer to oil moisturisers might make you feel like that we are suggesting an overkill for the oily-skinned. However, you should know that an oil-based face primer is going to act as a perfect canvas for further make-up. Additionally, essential oils provide what the skin requires the most: proper hydration.

Stick to cream concealers instead of sticks : Using a stick-based concealer during winter can be a major effort. The reason for that being - the concealer might freeze a bit. Therefore, you should stick with a lighter, creamier variant of this product. Cream concealers tend to be warm, lightweight, and cover more area.

Your make-up set should focus more on having essentials oils : The whole motive of winter skincare is preventing the essential oils from leaving the skin and ensuring that it does not dry out. Therefore, your makeup kit should entail all the essential oils so that you always have access to a hydrating agent by your side.


Winters are a tricky time. While the cold can preserve the glow to some extent, it can rob the skins of the essentials oils and leave it dry. Therefore, the combination of make-up tools that you need to choose during such a trying climate should focus on preserving the skin's health. Fortunately for you, we have an entire line of cosmetic products that not only ensure that your skin has a glow, but also ensure that the glow is healthy.