Micellar water, Explained!

We all have heard of Micellar water and some of us use it too! It's a total skincare staple found on bathroom shelves, and we all love it for its ability to remove all the kinds of makeup and prep your skin for a good night's sleep. But what actually is it? And why is it so special?

Xpert Micellar Bi-Phase Makeup Remover is the all in 1 cleanser powered by Micellar technology to gently remove makeup and draws out impurities without drying out the skin.

How should we be using Micellar water?

Step 1: Shake the bottle. Pump a small amount of cleanser onto a cotton pad.

Step 2: Apply on your face and neck, paying special attention to your eye area.

Step 3: Repeat the process if needed.

Pro-tip: Is this one of those days when your skin needs to feel the extra love? Double cleanse with the Oil Infused Micellar Cleansing Water followed by our Fresh Start Water Cleanser!