Nail Colors To Flaunt This Women's Day

Every year Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March to recognize and celebrate women from different walks of life. Celebrate the day looking your finest best from head to toe. Speaking of toes, treat yourself with a relaxing manicure & pedicure and finish it with stylish nail colors from Colorbar.

Enriched with keratin and almond oil our wide variety of nail shades and finishes are a hit from women and girls alike. Make a bold style statement with bold reds or funky metallic shades, or keep it subtle and simple with pastel hues and matte shades. We bring you a guide on how to select nail lacquer shades basis your skin tone:

1. Medium Skin Tone:

If you have a skin tone ranging from olive to medium, then almost any color would be suitable for you, except anything in gold and rust. Ideally, you can try nail colors ranging from blue, purple, pink and nude. At Colorbar we can help you make the perfect choice by looking into your skin tones. For medium skin toned women, we can provide you with our ideal product of Nude It Nail Lacquer or the Wonder Gel Nail Lacquer range. You can try shades from either of these nail polish ranges to flaunt this Women’s day.

2. Light Skin Tone:

Women with lighter skin tone must look to try out nail colors, which are either red, purple, peaches or have shades of pastels. Putting dark colors can look amazing but there are times when you can put away dark stuff. Choose from our amazing nail palette range. Try our Matte Nail Lacquer in red and purple colors, as these can be the perfect match for your skin tone.

3. Tan Skin Tone:

If you have tan skin, then you can highlight your skin by wearing nail paint that have shades like fuchsia, orange, and red. This Women’s Day, try our Peel Off Nail Lacquer, that come in red and orange shades to flaunt.

So, adorn your beautiful nails with the mesmerizing shades of nail colours from Colorbar cosmetics and flaunt your style. Colorbar wishes Happy Woman’s Day to the brave and confident women who are working towards building a fairer world for their contemporaries and successors.