Splash Yourself with Care: 12 Pre & Post-Holi Tips for Hydrated & Glowing Skin

After all the Holi madness and euphoria, you got to spare yourselves its dreadful aftermath, which is dry and irritated skin. While natural colors pose a lesser risk of skin concerns, it's practically impossible to make sure that all the colors you are exposed to are natural. Some of them may contain harmful chemicals that can trigger breakouts, rashes, and inflammation. And unless you want to complain all day long about irritated skin, you got to follow a Pre & Post Holi Skincare routine.

So guys, while you arrange for Gulaal, Gujias, Bhaang, and Holi playlists, make sure that you dedicatedly follow the below Holi Skincare tips. These recommended skincare tips will not only help you take off the stains easily but also restore glow and radiance to your skin.

Take Cover with these Pre-Holi Skincare Tips

We mean not from the colors but from the skin woes that may attack you after Holi. The pre-Holi skincare routine involves coating your skin with a layer of protection so that the colors can't penetrate deep. Here are some pre-Holi skincare tips that will have you covered.


a) Shrink the pores: So that those colors can't make room in your pores. And how do you do that? With a toner. A face toner stops colors and environmental aggressors from entering the pores by shrinking and closing them. This reduces the risk of acne and breakouts. After cleansing, pat some of the Hydra White Toner onto your skin. This toner will also keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the Rang Barse sessions!

b) Splash yourself with hydration: Because the colors can suck away the moisture from your skin. Dry and dehydrated skin is more prone to inflammation and breakouts caused by colors. You need a hydrating and moisturizing cream like our Restoring & Balancing Moisturizer which will act as a protective layer between the skin and colors. The combination of Hemp seed oil and Vitamin C will protect and repair the skin, while Hyaluronic acid will keep the skin hydrated.

c) Oil your woes away: This Holi calls for both skin and hair champi! For your face, facial oil acts as a protective barrier between the skin and colors. It also removes color stains easily. Massage your skin with some Cellular Dry Oil that thoroughly hydrates the skin due to the Amino Acid Complex present within. To oil your body and protect it from dryness, use the Earth C7 Argan Oil, a mixture of argan oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Use the same oil for your hair too to give it an intense hydrating and repair treatment before Holi.

d) Let the sun go on a Holi-day: Don't mind the colors but do mind the sun. And since most of your Holi madness will happen on the streets, you will be bombarded with UV rays. So, after applying the facial oil, go in with our Face the Sun Broad Spectrum Daily Face Protector. Its lightweight texture is moisturizing in nature too, and with this, you have another layer of hydration too.

e) No staining the lips, please!: Your lips too need the hydration dose. To prevent Holi colors from settling into creases, make sure you step out with moisturized lips. Applying generous coatings of a hydrating lip balm will prevent your lips from coming in direct contact with harsh colors. This way you will also be able to avoid staining of lips.

f) Color your nails in advance: Let’s not repeat the yearly ordeal of walking around with stained nails after Holi. So that the Holi colors don’t stain your nail beds, ensuring optimum moisture to your nails and the skin around and adding a preventive coating are the key. After moisturizing your nails and cuticles with the body lotion you used above, you can paint your nails with a nail lacquer as it will act as a barrier against the colors.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure, following this Pre-Holi skincare routine will help you keep a lot of skin woes at bay. Now, what after the celebrations? Here’s your Post-Holi skincare guide for you.

Refresh after the Revelry with Post-Holi Skincare Tips

Before you pass out due to all the Holi exhaustion, follow these tips to get the colors and their drying impacts off your skin so that you can have your little ‘beauty’ nap. This Post-Holi skincare routine is especially focused on soothing, moisturizing, and repairing your skin after it comes in contact with the colors.


a) Double cleansing without dryness: Yes some hard work. How else would you get rid of the stubborn colors? Do your first round of cleansing with My Go-To Partner, a 3-in-1 balm-oil-milk cleanser that breaks down the first layer of color and softens your skin in the process. Follow it up with Vita Hemp Foaming Face wash to drive out the remaining dirt and purify your pores from deep within. And don't worry about losing out on hydration. These cleansers are formulated to preserve the natural moisture in your skin.

b) Wash your way to clean skin: Face cleansing done. Now, how to cleanse your body that looks like a rainbow at this point? If the colors are too aggressive, you can go for a first round of cleansing with the same Argan oil to remove the first layer of colors. Then go in with a body wash with ingredients like Vitamin C and aloe vera in it to give your body optimum hydration and soothe irritation. Holi colors may trigger you to be a little aggressive while removing the colors, but don’t do that. Make sure that you apply gentle pressure while massaging your skin with the body wash.

c) Mask all the irritation away: Now something to calm down your skin. Applying face mask after cleansing will do the trick for you. Our Nude It Rose Clay Mask has natural rose water, green tea extracts, and aloe vera - calming ingredients that will nourish your skin. Apply a thin layer of the face mask onto the cleansed skin and let it rest for 15 minutes. Rinse it off and see your skin radiating a luminous glow.

d) Serum to set your skin right: Give your skin a post-Holi repair treatment with our Restoring & Balancing Milk Serum. It's perfect for all seasons also, so if Holi is a humid or hot affair where you live, you can still use it. Its lightweight milky texture quickly absorbs into your skin to repair it from inside out and rejuvenate its appearance. The cold-pressed oil in it gives a deeply hydrating and softening effect to the skin and also reduces the chances of acne.

e) Moisturizer for the final hydration touch: Now it's time to complete the skincare process with a moisturizer. Using the same moisturizer you used in the Pre-Holi skincare routine, massage your face gently and lock all in the hydration and nourishment. Its lightweight texture quickly settles deep within your skin to start the repairing and recovery process.

f) Some care for your body too: Your body too needs some nourishing love and care. Make sure you moisturize your body too after the cleansing step. Massage the Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Body Milk With SPF gently onto your skin. Its formula, enriched with Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, will restore the lost moisture in your skin. It also calms down and soothes your skin while supporting its repairing process.

Wrapping Up:

So here was your Holi skincare checklist! Step out into the world of colors with confidence and zero worries about skin woes. We have got your back, people. All you need to do is splash yourself with some care, love, and hydration before and after Holi and watch your skin radiate more glow than ever.