6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Primer For Your Skin

Honestly, if you knew, you wouldn’t even be reading this.

If you are jaded by the beauty community endorsing a primer as if their life depends on it, and this tiny little cynical part in you still thinks that a makeup primer is just an overrated product, here’s something for you.

A without-and-with-primer test.


The first patch shows a foundation blended directly onto the skin, while the second patch shows the same foundation applied on top of a primer. The second one seems more seamless, right?

That’s how important a face primer is for your skin and makeup. A makeup primer saves you from the horrors of an oxidized, creasy, and patchy face makeup. It is a holy-grail product that makes your skin look poreless and photo-perfect.

Let us point out the 6 reasons why using primer is absolutely necessary, particularly for your skin type, and how you can apply it perfectly.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Face Primer

A primer in fact does more than just making your skin look perfect. There are a host of other benefits of a primer which we list down below:

Blurs out imperfections - A makeup primer creates an ultra-smooth canvas on your face by filling in the creases, flaky patches, wrinkles, pores, bumpy textures, and redness. It creates a base for your makeup products like foundation and concealer to sit on and allows them to glide smoothly. Silicon-based primers in particular like Colorbar’s Flawless Finish primer have slippery and smooth-as-silk textures which work wonders in minimizing the appearance of pores.

Helps makeup to last long - Primer is the most important product to help your makeup last longer. It acts as a barrier between your moisturized base and makeup, protecting your foundation or BB creams from being absorbed by your skin. Also, since your makeup does not have to sit on bumpy and rough textures, it is able to stay for long even on sweaty and humid days.

Protects your skin - Primer protects your skin from the damaging effects of harsh makeup products. Your face primer acts as a protective barrier between your skin and makeup, thus protecting your skin from breakouts or acne. Moreover, non-comedogenic primers in particular do not clog your pores and help in preventing blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

Gives a youthful appearance - Makeup primers also help to create a youthful appearance by hiding lines and wrinkles on the face. A primer gives an appearance of improved skin quality by revitalizing and restoring the skin. Furthermore, many face primers contain hydrating elements which help to moisturize dry and mature skin.

In our next section, we will recommend you a spot-on primer for dry skin. So stick around!

Controls Oil - Primers, especially oil-free ones, are a god’s gift to every makeup lover with oily skin. Primers for oily skin mattify the oil on your face and keep your makeup in place. The formulations of such primers bind the makeup with your skin while also lending a grease-free, even, and glowy finish to your look.

Hydrates dry skin - Hydrating primers moisturize your skin to create a plump and soft base for further makeup. Such makeup primers ensure that the makeup does not get cakey or patchy while also preventing the appearance of an oily or greasy shine. A hydrating primer brings dry skin to life and boosts the overall makeup look.

Speaking of oily and dry skin, let’s help you to pick the best primers for your skin type.

Which Primer Should You Use For Your Skin Type?

If you want to derive the maximum benefits out of your makeup primer, you need to pick one that suits your skin type. Here are the best primer recommendations from the house of Colorbar Cosmetics for Dry, Oily & Normal Skin.


Dry skin - Try out Colorbar’s Flawless Finish Primer, a gel-based formulation. It is infused with glycerin and silicone which impart a velvety finish and hydrated look to your face. It melts into your skin like a dream and gives it a sensationally smooth finish. As it minimizes the appearance of pores and lines, this primer eases makeup application.

Oily Skin - The best pick for your skin type would be our gel-based Perfect Match Primer. Its oil-free and non-comedogenic formulation smoothens out your skin, with Vitamin E hiding all the redness and fine lines. Extremely gentle on the skin and formulated without parabens and allergens, this makeup primer is the best match for oily skin types.

Normal and Sensitive Skin - For normal and sensitive skin types, the Perfect Selfie Primer Oil is a must-try. It protects your skin from blue-light exposure and renders an absolutely fresh, flawless, and hydrated base. 100% Vegan and paraben-free, this primer nourishes and firms up the skin. Its lightweight texture feels like nothing on the skin and is perfect for achieving those glass-skin dewy makeup looks.

Now that you know the perfect primer picks for you, get to know how to use a primer. Spoiler alert: It’s the easiest thing ever.

How to Apply a Makeup Primer to Your Face?

Even if you are running late, you can easily follow the below steps to apply a face primer because like we already said, it’s damn easy!


1) Complete your skincare regime. Make sure your face is cleansed and exfoliated with cleanser and face scrub respectively.

2) Moisturize each and every inch of your skin properly. Makeup looks good only on hydrated skin, remember. Top it off with sunscreen.

3) After applying your sunscreen, take just a few drops of a primer on the back of your hand. Warm up the product by gently rubbing it with your fingers and dab it all over your face.

4) Gently pat (and not rub) the face primer in such a way that it gets to every inch and corner of the face including cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin.

5) Wait for 3-5 minutes to let the primer settle. Now you can use your foundation on top or wear it alone for a natural look.

Conclusion: And That’s All You Need To Do!

So, now it’s the time to ditch those damn filters with the right makeup primer for your skin. Pick a Colorbar primer for yourself and get that flawless face within seconds!