Rise and Sparkle with Colorbar Nail Lacquers

There is nothing simple about beautifying your nails, period! This winter, your course towards beautifying them is not just about colors, it is also about several art effects. We believe that engaging with the art of nail effects require robust colors that accentuate upon the environment to provide you with not just a better look, but also with confidence to make a bold statement. With this mindset, let us dig a bit deeper into the ways so that you can ensure to ace this particular art using Colorbar Nail Lacquer.

3 Easy to Apply Nail Art Ideas

There is a particular accentuation towards occasional art in nail effects. You would need the right material to make it happen. Therefore, make sure that you have the right Nail Lacquer for the job.

The Glitter Gradient : Gradient nail effects have two factors working for them: they are quite simple and quite versatile. Adding a bit of glitter into that gradient is something you should consider. You can use any color as a base. The steps are simple :

• Apply any color as base
• Let the base dry
• Use the Nail Lacquer and swipe the brush from bottom left to top right.
• Repeat the previous step and build parallel glitter gradients over each other.

The Use of Sticky Tapes and Gel Pens : While anything besides a proper Nail Lacqueris a disservice to your nails, we do believe that some experimentation is always good now and then. For this effect, you can make the use of gel pens. They are quite versatile and allow to create fine details on the nails.

• Use the nail polish as the base. Colorbar Nail Lacquer shall ensure that the gel pen designs hold up and your nails look as beautiful as ever.
• Now, use the Gel pens to create any fine design.
• If you want to save the nail lacquer base, you can make use of artistic sticky tapes.

The Heartbeat : If we haven’t already emphasized upon enough, we are saying it now - every design that you create should have a sturdy social statement behind it. Why not make this a statement of love?

• Make use of the Colorbar red Nail Lacquer first as base (the color of love).
• Then, take some matte nail lacquer to create the symbols of a heartbeat as presented in a heart rate monitor.
• When bringing the fingers together, using matte polish, create the symbol of a heart at the crest of the design.

Why have we only given you three, you ask? The methodology that we have introduced in these three ideas have several untapped potentials through which over 100s of different designs can be created. Colorbar Nail Lacquer has always been a huge purveyor of amazing arts of nail effects. Now that we have shared them with you, it is up to you to experiment with them.

Go ahead, turn up the fun!