Sweat Proof Your Makeup While Wearing A Mask

Are you tired of looking like you have been through hell and back at the end of your work day, because your freshly worn mascara in the morning has decided to give up on you?

We get it!

Summer is here and the sun is shining brighter than ever, which is why sweating is going to be a reality of our daily lives when we step outdoors.

While the world is adapting to the normalcy of face masks, adjusting your beauty routine to this new normal can pose a new challenge.

For some people, the current mandate to wear a face mask in public can mean one of two things: Don’t wear makeup at all, or be prepared for makeup to move off your face and onto your mask. But are those really the only options?

Not necessarily. Because we have just the right sweat-proof makeup regimen for you, that’ll help up your glam quotient and keep it up till the end of the day.

Our mantra for the summer, sweat but don’t fret about your makeup giving up on you. With these Colorbar makeup products, we have got your covered.

Let's dive right into it!

Step 1: Many people directly start their makeup with applying foundation or concealer. It is not recommended to do that since the first step of makeup should always be cleansing your face and starting with a  good primer.

After you cleanse your face, the cardinal rule of makeup is to prep your face with a hydrating primer, and Colorbar primer is a perfect fit. This is a super important step since it forms the foundation of your sweat proof makeup, and ensures that your makeup lasts longer and your sweating is reduced to minimal levels.

So how do you benefit from this primer water? You start by spraying the primer water all over your face a couple of times, and watch as it hydrates your skin and makes your makeup feel non-greasy. It is a product that not just makes your makeup last longer, but also heals your damaged skin in the long run. Always remember to use this primer before you put on any makeup for stepping outdoors.

Step 2: It’s now time for the perfect layer of foundation. Now since it’s summer and you will be wearing a mask, have minimal foundation on your face and blend it well to make sure your makeup does not cake. Colorbar’s Amino Skin Radiant Foundation is an excellent choice that you can consider for this step.

This face foundation reduces your lines for a smooth, glowing skin, and offers high coverage along with boosting your skin’s collagen synthesis. Use your fingertips to put the product on your face and then grab a brush or a beauty blender and evenly blend it on to your skin.

One of the top selling Colorbar makeup products, this foundation is known for its damage control properties and long lasting benefits. A dependable choice for your sweat proof makeup goals!

Step 3: With most of your face hidden with a mask, your eyes will grab the spotlight. Make sure they speak a language of love and charm, by doing them up like a diva. It is therefore super important to get your eye makeup on point. What we recommend is to get those wings on with Colorbar’s All Matte Eyeliner.

This smudge proof eyeliner comes in some super fun and quirky shades such as Matte Blue, Matte Brown, Matte Green and the classic, Matte Black. With just one stroke, watch your eyes speak for themselves and cast a spell on any onlooker. Define your eyes and capture everyone’s attention in the room.

You can go high on the drama, or be super low key. Either way, this matte eyeliner is super long-lasting as it lasts up to 16 hours. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and is basically your new BFF for the summer.

Step 4: Mascara, the queen of makeup is also quite the tricky product during summer, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people avoid mascara in summer due to fear of smudging and sweating. With Zoom and Whoosh Mascara you can rest assured you will not end up looking like a racoon by the end of the day.

This waterproof mascara will not drip down with your perspiration, and it will last longer than the lockdown. The formula is transfer-resistant, crease-proof, and gives your lashes the volume they have been looking for.

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With just two applications, you will notice the increased length of your lashes and you will be ready to serve up the drama on the streets with one of the gems from the long-range of Colorbar makeup products. Blink and you miss, so get it soon!

Step 5: Your eye makeup is almost complete, but no makeup is truly complete without some good, old-fashioned kajal. Colorbar brings to you it’s long-lasting kajal pencil, which is the best eye kajal pencil

With just a single stroke, this kajal turns you into the diva that you are, and just like that your eyes will be the most mesmerizing thing to look at in any room you walk in. Choose from fun shades ranging from blue to purple, and dazzle people left and right.

This long lasting kajal pencil is true to its name as it is waterproof, smudge-proof and will be the perfect addition to your sweat-proof makeup products.

There you go! You don’t have to feel stumped, because now, more than ever, is the time to play up the eyes and have fun with your looks! It’s time to find a way to express your creativity through makeup when half your face is covered. 

Like we said, ‘Sweat But Don’t Fret’!