The Best Primer Range For Your Essential Makeup Regime

Makeup is an art, and like any art form, it requires discipline and a dash of crazy.

You however need a blank canvas before you begin painting your masterpiece. So ladies, before you get your Picaso on, your face needs to be primed and ready for the magic to begin.

Don’t want your makeup to melt in the summer sun? We hear you! Your makeup should be set before you step out of your house, and we sure how to help you look ‘easy, breezy and beautiful’.

Meet your new best friend – Prime. Trust us, it’s one of the most important makeup product that you will ever own.

Trust us, a good primer can make you red carpet ready!

Additionally, using a good face primer also protects your skin from any potential damage from long hours of heavy makeup on your face. So bye bye skin damage!

At Colorbar, we have a primer for your everyday use and even based on you skin’s needs, so check out our range of Primers that have been specially crafted for YOU!

We Have Your Perfect Match Primer...

We know you have a 100 things to do for your base… concealer, foundation, color corrector and all that jazz. But wait, before you do any of that, cleanse your face and dab a few drops of our Perfect Match Colorbar Primer over your face.

This primer will hold your makeup together like no other. If you have dry and flaky skin, the Perfect Match Primer Range from Colorbar is genuinely going to be your perfect match, owing to its dry skin repairing ability.

This face primer is totally oil-free and it ensures that your makeup application sets smoothly, without appearing cakey or dry.

Additionally, this Primer Base will make your skincare routine much simpler, because of its high VItamin E content that reduces fine lines and targets redness on your skin.

If you have secretly envied the flawless, buttery smooth skin of beauty bloggers, this primer will give you the silky smooth skin texture you have always wanted.

Perfect Match Primer Water Your Mantra For Hydration

Ladies, you are going to adore this one! Made in France, this super-charged Colorbar Primer Water is the best hydrating agent your skin could have asked for.

We say less is more, so with just one single spray, enjoy the surge of moisture in your skin, and get instantly prepped up for a day-long makeup look.

How many times have you heard your mother and favourite skincare expert recommend water as the secret behind good skin? Well, we heard them loud and clear!

This water based primer is the perfect hydrating agent for your skin. It revitalizes and refreshes your skin before slap on any makeup at all. Kiss goodbye to cakey makeup looks because your skin ain’t having none of that!

This gentle tonic is completely weightless, non-sticky and feels like a cool kiss of cold breeze on a very hot day.

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A gentle blend of rose water gives it a mild aroma that is like lighting a scented candle. It calms your senses and your skin. If you have skin that is stressed and sensitive, girl we got you!

Want to know a secret? The Glycerin content in the primer creates a thin film of moisture on your skin which protects it from damage. Pretty cool, right? We guarantee love at first sight with the Perfect Match Primer Water

Instantly Insta Ready with Perfect Selfie Primer Oil...

Your real life avenger, this primer oil from our Perfect Match Primer range, shields your skin from harmful effects of prolonged blue-light exposure.

A hydrating agent par excellence, this primer oil is a light-weight, non-greasy friend for your skin, whose bio-polymer content gives you superpowers - how else will you get makeup that lasts for more than 12 hours?

Those long days at the office staring at a screen, and long nights binging Netflix shows, can silently damage your skin with all that blue-light exposure. This Colorbar primer oil takes care of your skin and offers digital protection to preserve and enhance your skin’s natural radiance.  

The texture is rich and smooth with FicuCell Vita content that acts as a skin firming agent and offers elasticity to your skin. Once you get your hands on this, you wouldn't want to let it go.

Ladies, the Perfect Match Range is truly your perfect match. Shop the range at our website to get makeup lasts longer. Hurry before stocks run out!