The Perfect Night Care Regime

As you sleep, your skin has the chance to repair itself and reverse all the damage that it has gone through over the years. We expose our faces to so many external forces like the harsh sun, pollution, changing temperatures and of course, products and chemicals. In order to keep your skin looking younger for longer, you need to use products that will minimize dark spots, boost hydration and even out your skin tone. Luckily, our Hydra White range does exactly that. This revolutionary whitening skin care range uses selected active ingredients to refine your skin’s texture and give you flawless radiance. Follow these simple steps to achieve fairer, more luminous skin, while you sleep!

Hydra White Foam Cleanser

The first step to any good skin care regime starts with your cleanser. Our Hydra White Foam Cleanser is powered with a unique Illumeskin Whitening Complex that has been proven to illuminate your skin and offer long-lasting hydration. At the end of your day, once you’ve removed your makeup, apply our brilliant liquid to foam facial cleanser to wash away impurities and restore your skin’s natural balance. Actives in this formula work together to calm your skin and to leave it clear and hydrated.

Hydra White Toner

Step two in your night care regime must include the Hydra White Toner. Use this once you have cleansed your face. Simply apply the toner with a cotton pad all over your skin for fresh, radiant skin. This toner is very gentle and will not damage your skin with harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients, you will find that it actively rehydrated your skin will balancing and purifying it so you look ten years younger in the morning!

Hydra White Night Cream

To close off your night regime, all you need are a few dabs of our Hydra White Night Cream. This night cream works while you sleep to give you brighter, fairer skin and provide you with hours of hydration. Containing a synergistic four-dimensional system, this product works hard to visibly clear out uneven skin tone, minimize dark spots, refine skin texture and provides generous moisture. The advanced formula in this night crème has the power to treat, strengthen, hydrate and tone your skin while reversing all the damage your skin has faced through the day. You will also find that dark spots are visibly reduced, your skin’s texture seems more refined and your skin tone will become more even after only a few uses!

With this three-step Hydra Whitening range routine, say hello to genuine beauty sleep.