The Perfectly Enchanting Gift For Fathers

He has been the pillar of strength, a guiding light and most of all a superhero saving the day so we could stay fit and happy. Fathers deserve magic and much more! Sometimes all it takes is a simple loving note and other times a gift can tug strings of his heart singing the tune of gratefulness. We have curated a small list of items you can treat him to and cast the ultimate spell of love.

A Gifting Guide For Fathers

Skincare for him: At Colorbar we meticulously formulate a mix of ingredients that cater to every kind of concern. We have cleansers, toners, serum, moisturizers, face washes and much more. We highly recommend the Vita Hemp range that blends the miracle benefits of hemp seed oil with effective formulas to restore and balance. Try the Hemp + Vitamin C Restoring & Balancing Foaming Face Wash? Or go for our latest range of serums that cater to a number of concerns - dryness, blemishes, dark spots, acne, fine lines and more. Perhaps the Pro Hydration Booster Serum? Or Blemish & Oil Control Serum? You can visit our Skincare page to browse.

Wellness for him: It’s time we turned the tables and cared for his health. Just like he made sure we ate fruits, nuts and other nutritious foods, we too can ensure he is in the pink of health. Speaking of which, do you know about our Miracle Gummies? These are candy-like drops of health that have key ingredients for bouncy hair, clean and glowing skin and a blissful body. Maybe gift him a pack of Love Is In The Hair (no prizes for guessing what these gummies do) Wow Skin for clean blemish-free skin, Love Your Body to lower cholesterol and trigger metabolism and Blissful Body to reduce bloating and improve gut health.

Fragrances for him: We all go through the stash of fragrances and perfumes our fathers keep hidden in drawers. Gifting him amazing fragrances is a no-brainer. And we have just the scents for him both deo and perfume! There’s Mandarin, which has captured the freshness of lemon, the woodyness of lavender and sandalwood. Then there’s Cedar, an intoxicating mix of lime, jasmine, nutmeg, rose and cedar. We have the crowd-pleaser, Oud, formulated with the rarest and most highly prized variety of agarwood (oud), tobacco, sandalwood, incense and patchouli. Lastly, we have Vetiver, a thrilling blend of grapefruit, orange, spicy aromatic pepper and vetiver.

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We hope this little gifting guide has helped you decide the perfect gift for Father’s Day! Of course, we have more in store, beauty formulas your father might love, or accessories he will absolutely slay in. Let him unleash his magic, as he unwraps all the love and care. Browse through our collection and get the gift delivered at your doorstep in no time!