This summer won’t be a skin-bummer!

Summer’s here even though we’re not hitting the beach any time soon. Summer brings lot of sunshine, watermelons, and dewy skin. Yep, you read that right, dewy skin!

When we hear summer, we imagine our faces fresh and cheeks sun-kissed. But what do we get? Excess oil, dark spots, and potentially, sun damage. This is why it’s really important to shake up your summer beauty routine. Why not add some awesome skin care products into it to combat these issues and avoid dealing with them all together.

For that bare beauty to shine through, for the glow that comes from a good laugh, and for less fuss and more fun, add these Colorbar skin care products to your summer skincare routine. It’s time to make your summer time the best of

what might be.

What did I do,

before Go-To?

How did I survive?

Was my skin even alive?

You know how they say it’s all in the name? Well, it is when it comes to this magic potion. If makeup is your BFF, then this 3 in 1 balm makeup remover is your soulmate. Whether donning makeup or not, trying a new bold lip color or solely swiping on the tropical scent of sunscreen, a great summer look begins with good, clear skin!

A great summer skincare regimen starts with a great facial cleanser. It’s the foundation and everything builds from there. You’re the luckiest woman in the world if your cleanser also works as a makeup remover and skin softener while doing its job as an everyday cleanser. And if while reading this you feel you could use some luck, we bet you could. Clearer, glowing skin would come along, we promise.

Your state of Nirvana. Period.- NUDE IT ROSÉ CLAY MASK

Warmer months call for some extra TLC for your skin which means a good face clay mask and a pampering regimen. Especially when the sun is out because that’s when there is an overproduction of sebum and skin gets oily. So what comes to your rescue here? Colorbar’s Rose Clay Mask.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to incorporate this facial-in-a-jar into your skincare practice. Clay absorbs oil in your skin, that means reduced shine, less oil overall, and ultimately better makeup application. If you aren’t already fascinated by, obsessed with or desiring this face pack yet, it’s time you should be. You know there’s nothing more relaxing than a face mask – it just has to touch your face and all your troubles immediately fly out that bathroom window.


“ A rose's rarest essence lives in the thorn.” … Someone who doesn’t know that its rarest essence lives in Colorbar’s Rose Mist must’ve said that. Or someone who believes there’s pain in beauty. But we believe what’s naturally beautiful makes you naturally beautiful. So we went to the ends of the Earth in search for these thorned beauties and when we found the most splendid roses, we picked their petals and extracted their oil to bring you a mist so pure and majestic, your face won’t ever get enough of it. Just spritz it on your face whenever your face appears dull and tired. The gentle mist rehydrates and brightens your skin with every application. Just perfect for the summers!

Elixir of beauty- ARGAN OIL

Oil during summers? It’s not just any other oil, it’s Argan Oil. Also, don’t worry this Argan Oil is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog your pores.

Here’s the first thing you need to know about this Moroccan miracle ingredient - It’s not called ‘liquid gold’ for nothing.

Second thing? It’s called liquid gold because it’s packed with skin loving ingredients. And not just packed, it’s jam-packed with complexion boosting benefits. It’s high in Vitamin E and contains essential fatty acids which restore a youthful elasticity to even the driest of areas so your skin is literally drenched in goodness with every drop. Colorbar’s Argan Oil is THE secret to plump, juicy skin, extracted from the Argan Nut which comes from, you guessed it, the Argan Tree which is native to Morocco. This multi-purpose oil can be used on your body & hair for a nourishing treatment. You could also use it on your nails to nourish & moisturize your cuticles as well.

P.S. - These Colorbar products are the G.O.A.T for your summer skincare. Period.