To All The Mother Figures In Our Lives… Happy Mother’s Day!

We all love our moms even when we don’t agree with them or when we are driving them crazy. While our love for them should be celebrated all year round, it’s important to go the extra mile on that special day popularly known as Mother’s Day.

Wait, let’s rewind a bit… Mother’s Day is the day dedicated to our super loving, extra caring, multi-tasking moms, but there are many other women who touch our lives in a way that makes them as special as our own mothers. This day is for them too and while we are looking for ways to tell our moms how much we love them and appreciate every little thing that they do for us, we should definitely not forget about all the mother figures in our lives.

So who are these mother figures and what to gift them this mother’s day?

Your hubby’s mom a.k.a. your mother-in-law

Even though she is your hubby’s mom, your mom-in-law plays a very important role when it comes to your life post marriage. She helps and guides you to fit into the new family and because she too has lived the life of a new daughter-in-law she understands your dilemma and confusion better than anyone else. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her how much her presence and love means to you and it can also be a way of you saying thank you for raising such a fine young man. The best way to show you love both your moms’ equally is to pick everything you are buying for your mom in 2s. But, do keep in mind your mother-in-law’s personal choices as well.

Take your pick from our skincare range like our Argan Oil or Rose Mist to help her rejuvenate her skin after a long and tiring day and look fabulous all the time. If your mom-in-law loves lipsticks you can pick her favorite shade from our newly launched Sinful Matte Lip Color range that has 24 stunning matte shades to choose from.

Your second mom growing up a.k.a. your elder sister

She has been a boon and a bully (sometimes) in your life, but whether she scolded you or told you that you were adopted. She always loved and cared for you unconditionally. She has saved you from your parents like a zillion times and helped you in studies and in life altogether (remember the time she took you for your first waxing appointment?)

Remind her how much you love her by pampering her with our PETA-Certified, internationally formulated makeup and skin care products. Pick her favorite shades (pinks, reds, blues, nudes, and a lot more) and textures (matte, metallic, gold, and more) from our range of 1001 Nail Lacquers or you can gift her Wonderland Lip Palette from the Glitter Me All Collection. The 3D glitter encased lip palette has not 1 or 2 but 9 matte shades to choose from. Let your sister flaunt this gorgeous gift that doesn’t even need wrapping!

Your BFF’s mom a.k.a the aunt who loved you (a little) more

You love her because she is the reason your BFF exists but more importantly it’s because she treated you like one of her own from the very beginning. She has fed you, loved you, scolded you and even sometimes protected you from your own mom. In the hustle and bustle of life, you may not see her very often. So, this mother’s day, you can pick a nice gift for her and tell her that you miss her and love her, still. Take your pick from our Glitter Me All Moonwalker Lipsticks which come in 8 velvety- matte shades and are formulated in Italy. You can also pick from our Matte Me As I Am Lip Color range another stunning matte lip color range that has 16 gorgeous shades to choose from.

Your Group’s Mom a.k.a. that one friend who acts like everyone’s mother

We all have that friend who acts like a pseudo mom to us. She can be a part of our college circle or our flatmate or even someone we work with. She cooks for us when we are sick, nags us to take our medicines on time, plans elaborate surprise birthday parties and scolds us when we leave the place dirty. In short a typical mom! This Mother’s Day, don’t forget about her and express your love by gifting her favorite lipstick or nail lacquer or eye shadow palette. Browse through and take your pick.

You can also pick a Gift Card for an amount of your choice from our website and we will top it up with 20% extra of the amount. Let your mom figures choose and shop their favorites from Colorbar and enjoy their day. Happy Mother’s Day!