Top 5 Eyeshadow Shades to Ace the Wedding Look

It’s the glitter time of the year – The wedding season! The celebratory time is here again with something new and celestial for you. Say hello to our celestial range of Moon Lava Eyeshadows.

Brighter than the moon, these glitter eye shadows are just what you need in your vanity to ace your wedding look! Created with lightweight water -infused formula, they just set smoothly and stay as long as your party lasts! To ensure you feel effortlessly beautiful - they possess a 3D metallic shine. Glow like the moon every time with these 5 breath-taking shades of beauty:

1. Starry: The first among the five, the Starry Moon lava Eyeshadow gives your eyes just the right blend of aura and blush with its easy-to-apply gel formula. With its burst of glitter and pearls, it can always be used as the base or as the top-coat. So make your choicest of evenings beautiful and the nights, starry!

2. Orion: Second to tick off the list is The Orion Moon lava Eyeshadow. If you’re heading out for a late-night party, a disco or just wish to make those eyes stand out, this is just what you need! Its metallic and instant dry up formula will give your eyes the shining hues of gold.

3. Paradise: The third pick that should be in your vanity already is the shade Paradise from our range of Moon lava Eyeshadow. Its intense glitters and long-lasting properties will be your perfect fit for the wedding season.

4. Cosmo: The fourth on the glamour radar is the Cosmo Moon Lava Eyeshadow! This beautiful blue metallic shade is for those who love to keep their eyes talking.

5. Galaxy: How can one go wrong with pink? Here’s our Galaxy shade from Moon lava Eyeshadows! You’ll love the way it glides on your eyelids, stays with a pearl finish and makes those heads swing in your direction!

So, why wait? Go ahead and pick your own eye shadow to foretell new, glittering and even more beautiful stories till the sun sets down! Let your eyes cast the magic this wedding season!