From ‘Mess’ to ‘Goddess’ Top 6 Makeup Products for Busy Women

Learn how to fake a glow-up when your life is falling apart. Only with six makeup products.

You need to attend a meeting which could have been an email. Buy groceries while being borderline broke. Douse a fire caused by the kids at home. We can’t advise you on how to get your life together, but we can surely tell you which makeup products will turn you from a ‘mess’ to a ‘goddess’ in no time.

So for all the women out there who are too busy to pull off a proper makeup routine, here are the only six makeup products you need to look magically put together.

Moisturize in a Minute



You can never ever say no to a moisturizer, no matter how busy you are. Your skin needs moisture to repair itself after being exposed to harsh pollutants and environmental changes. And yes, those with oily skin types also need to use this holy grail product before applying your everyday makeup. Give your skin its rightful break from dehydration with our Intense Hydra White Day Creme. Its unique formula protects your skin from UV damage, improves skin elasticity, and gives a powerful boost of hydration, leaving your face plump and radiant. Massage just a small amount onto your skin and you are good to go!

BRB with BB Cream



Grab this makeup product ASAP to make your life easier. BB Cream is the most convenient alternative to foundation and gives your skin a minimal and lightweight coverage that is perfect for a quick everyday makeup look. But what makes this makeup product a busy woman’s go-to is its multipurpose quality. A BB cream singlehandedly does the work of a primer, concealer, and sunscreen. After applying moisturizer, blend a small amount of Perfect Match BB cream onto your face and neck to get a flawless base in a minute.

Quickie with Kajal



This is a no-brainer. Just a stroke of kajal saves you from looking like a mess on a horribly busy day. But how about a multipurpose kajal that also acts as an eyeshadow and eyeliner? Colorbar’s Just smoky Kajal is the only eye makeup product you need to create an entire smokey eye look. Blend across your eyelids, line your lash lines, and smudge it out in a jiffy using this ultra-soft and matte finish Kajal. Whether you are in flight or cab, you are just one minute away from a smoldering eye look with this fiercely pigmented kajal. Furthermore, this kajal will last on your eyes for as long as 12 hours, surviving a series of meltdowns you may have on a jampacked day.

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Magic with Mascara



No wonder why mascara comes with a wand. The way mascara instantly opens up your eyes and brightens up your look is nothing short of sorcery. Quickly fake dreamy and fluttery eyelashes with a few coats of mascara. Another multipurpose eye makeup product to fake lengthy and fluttery eyelashes is our 2-1 Lash Illusion Duo Mascara. It comes with a lash lengthener that makes your lashes look longer and a lash volumizer that adds volume and drama to your lashes. Pull up the wand against your lashes in a zig-zag motion till the tip. And there you will have clump-free lashes looking sexier than before!

Busy & Blushing



Just a swirl of color onto your cheeks turns your basic makeup look into a radiant one. Even better for women who are forever on the go, a blusher replaces the signs of tiredness and stress with a healthy flush of color. Our Cheekillusion Blush in the shade Rosey Peach gives your cheeks a soft and sweet peachy hint. Swirl your Keep Blushing Brush on the blusher and tap it to remove the excess. Blend the color onto the apples of your cheeks and see a beautiful velvety matte finish hugging your cheeks.

No More Late with lipstick



Just one swipe of this makeup product and you are ready to ace the day! There are many lipsticks to choose from - liquid, solid, and lip glosses. You are free to go for any type of lipstick, but liquid lipsticks are the most convenient option for busy women. With liquid lipstick, you don’t need a lip liner because it singlehandedly delivers sharp and precise lines. Also, liquid lipsticks are so pigmented that just one stroke suffices. Our vegan and cruelty-free Power Kiss Matte Transferproof Lip Color delivers ultra-rich color that is transfer-proof and long-lasting. Just a nude lipstick in the shade Glamping and red lipstick like Hot Fire will help you transition from a ‘minimalist professional’ to a ‘badass gal’ in no time.

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Though we haven’t included this makeup product in our list, its importance cannot be undermined at all. It’s a makeup remover. Yes, all the busy women out there, you can’t skip this product no matter how badly you want to crash out after a day of hustle. It’s important to remove all the makeup and dirt on your skin to avoid breakouts and unhealthy skin.

Pour some of our Xpert Micellar Bi Phase Makeup Remover onto a makeup-removing cotton pad. Gently wipe off all the makeup with the pad and give your face a quick wash to remove all traces of makeup.

2022 is all about instant fixes to beauty woes! Here were our six best makeup products that every busy woman will be grateful to have in her kit. Like everything else, ‘expedite’ your shopping spree, and buy these makeup products online at Colorbar Cosmetics.