While the quest for a perfect traditional wedding or festive day begins for a lot of women well in advance, the procrastination does not stop till even hours before of it actually happening. The time of ‘perfection’ that probably was just an unachievable term until now, actually has started to become your powerhouse. The signature designer outfit and the authentic jewellery ornamented over the lady beautifully, walking through the doors of a festive or wedding day. What can’t be ignored is the make-up looks for the occasions. Where some will consider it being a behind the veil phenomenon; it actually makes the difference.


Here is a list of 5 traditional make-up looks with Colorbar lipsticks for the season, you just can’t ignore:

1. The blue zone

Unseal the envelope this festive season and let your eyes do the talking with the party all nite Eyeshadow. So edgy, yet to so elegant, this eye trend is tailor-made cruise your way through this season. Pair them with the Colorbar nude lipsticks or go even edgier with a blue lip shade to keep your look peppy.

2. The not so mellow-yellow

This festive season, rebel and revel in the unexpected. With color blocking making a comeback to the top charts, mixing yellow and pink doesn’t seem all that outré anymore. Dare to give it a go with the Colorbar matte lip color in the shade of ‘Rose Clair’. The nude shades with yellow eye-shadow can end up looking a pale conclusion, hence the pouty and luscious pink.

3. The green cover

Don’t shy away from color this festive season. A thick swipe of green eyeshadow, a la Deepika Padukone (at Cannes Film Festive this 2017), is the snazziest new trick in town. A peach lippie strikes a bold balance. Then, highlight or illuminate your upper cheekbones for high-shine or subtle radiance respectively. Use the Colorbar matte touch lipstick in the shade of ‘so precious’ to bring out the best of both worlds.

4. Coral Crush

Go monotone with your festive beauty, this season. Just as Sonam Kapoor sports her fiery orange pout with a sun-kissed glow, you too can look absolutely stunning with coral enhanced eyes and a same shade lip color. You can rely on the Colorbar Crème touch coral nude lip shade with shut eyes for a natural touch.

5. Cherry Lips

Cherry lips for the woman of the mystery night. Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with red. However, picking the right red lipstick shades is the key. So, here’s how to get the most followed lip trend in beauty this festive night. Splash on the Colorbar Ringleader lip color for the best red enhanced lips. The texture can never go wrong to match with all your traditional outfits.