Ultimate Makeup Hacks That You Didn’t Know You Needed

We all have seen those interesting makeup hack videos on social media and have thought to ourselves whether they really work, isn’t that right lovelies? We have seen one product being used for multiple uses, and to be honest, it is kind of awesome. You will be surprised to see how versatile your makeup products are, and you won’t be able to drift away from hack beauty!

Well, here is your round up of the most popular makeup hack codes you can try on.

Let’s get started!

Use your contouring kit as eyebrow filler, eyeshadow, and even eyeliner

Browns work anywhere, from contour to eyeshadow to even eyebrow filler color. If you have a contouring kit that has brown tones, utilize them with a sleek eyebrow brush to fill up your brows. Guess what, you can also use it as an eyeshadow for your eye makeup. And guess what, if you glide your countering powder with an eyeliner brush, boom you have the easiest eye makeup hack!

You can any day try Colorbar’s Flawless Touch Contour and Highlighter, which has the perfect shade of brown that can be utilized for all three purposes. With every stroke of this palette, you get depth, dimension, and a flawless finish to whichever makeup hack you try on with it. And bonus point, it also has a highlighter that can double up as the shimmer you might want to add to your eye makeup.

Use your cream lip color as a cream blush

We definitely live for this hack, a lip color doubling up as a blush is ultimate lipstick hack of this time! To get that, barely-there, dewy makeup look, use spring hues like rose pink, peach, orangey-red, and use it on your lips and dab some on your cheeks. And yes, you could add some to your lids to get that lush makeup look.

The Born to Glow Lipcolor in shade verve by Colorbar is the perfect shade for getting a dewy finish to your face, lip, and eyes. Using a cream lip color to add dimensions is one of the popular simple makeup tips that we must try. The creamy and gliding texture of this lipstick envelopes your lips and cheeks in a lightweight film of gentle shine and sheer color.

Use your concealer as an eyeshadow primer

We might sometime get lazy and miss out on getting an eyeshadow primer for our makeup, but guess what, your concealer is here to the rescue. Just like your eyeshadow primer, a concealer has a blend of water, oil, and is sweat resistant most of the times, what better is there to replace an eyeshadow primer, right? Bonus point, concealers help even out any discoloration on your eyelids, leaving you with a perfect base for your eye makeup. Makeup hack of the millennia, isn’t it?

Flawless Full Cover Concealer by Colorbar is all you need for this makeup hack. This concealer can mask your acne scars and spots, brighten your eyes, and hide the remains of your crazy day, or your Saturday night.