Luxurious V-Day Guide for Men & Women: Self-care, Date Night Look & Gift Ideas

The passionate lover along with the meticulous planner in you is set to make this Valentine’s Day the most luxurious affair of the year. Your plan is to surrender yourself to a blissful experience - from planning a romantic date night and showering your significant other with splendid gifts to putting your best face forward for your bae. You want to go the extra mile to plan this whole day out and leave no room for last-minute preparations.

Your deepest desires have been heard, for we are here with a sumptuous Valentine’s Day guide for men and women. Right from orchestrating an indulgent self-care session and planning out your date night outfit plus makeup look to choosing gifts that will have your partner smitten, here’s a luxurious V-Day guide that will help you figure it all out.

But First, Self-Love & Self-Care

This day of love is to be savored and experienced in its completeness. So, reserve the first half of Valentine’s Day just for yourself and indulge in a gratifying skin and body care session.

How about a relaxing bath session? Create the mood by lighting fragrant candles and filling your bathtub with calming essential oils. Lay all your worries to rest as the water warmly enwraps you. Relax your muscles as you take a sip of that wine. Luxuriate with a soothing face mask on and repeat to yourself positive affirmations all the while.

v day makeup

Once you are done, slather your skin with an extra dose of love and moisture. Massage your skin gently with generous amounts of Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Body Milk with SPF so that dry and flaky skin doesn’t ruin the day’s vibe.

The same goes for your face, too. Let the lightweight drops of Hydra White Anti Spot Serum sink into your skin to reveal a lovely dewy appearance. Then for a glow to dazzle your darling, dab the Instant Glow Cream onto your skin. Remember to be as gentle as possible and watch yourself glow after surrendering to this pleasurable self-care experience.

Now is the time to dress up to the nines.

V-Day Date Night Look for Women: Sensually Satin & Fiercely Red

This day is to go all out with your ‘femme fatale’ energy. So slip into a Satin Strappy Camisole Dress in Red and awaken the fierce feminine energy in you. Keep yourself warm and cozy with a chic white blazer, just in case it gets a little cold. Let delicate diamond accessories adorn you with a luxurious touch. Prefer bold golds over sleek diamonds? Go all out with thick gold hoop earrings to bewitch your honey. Add a hint of endearingness to this seductive look with a messy ponytail.

v day makeup guide

With Valentine’s Day makeup, go both soft and fierce to express the different sides to you. Trust a hydrating liquid foundation to mesmerize them with a lovely and dewy base. For Valentine’s Day, it’s better to chase those dark circles and spots away with a hydrating concealer. A bold winged eyeliner along with fluttery lashes will have your partner lost in those alluring eyes. Furthermore, a pink blush will let your cheeks do the flirting game for you. Finally, a red hot pout to seal the look with the quintessential Valentine’s Day vibe. Team up our scintillating red lipstick, Sinful Matte Lip color in the shade Mistress, with a red lip liner for fuller lips. So that your sweetheart just can’t get enough of you, bathe yourself in a soft floral perfume.

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V-Day Date Night Look for Men: Signature Elegance with a Hint of Adventure

You like to keep it sophisticated and that’s what has got your darling swooning over you. This Valentine’s Day too, remind them of your signature knack for elegance. Keep it suave yet significant with a Long Suit Jacket. How about a hint of playfulness to keep them guessing? A solid v-neck t-shirt underneath with a pair of trousers would have them truly and madly smitten with you. A pair of leather shoes would make the look classier.

You are taking this Valentine’s Day pretty seriously, and you are willing to go the extra mile. Putting effort into grooming yourself is a great way to show that to your lover. Sport a healthy glow by cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Use a little amount of hydrating foundation to even out your skin tone. Nothing looks more put together than groomed eyebrows so make sure you brush them and fill in the sparse areas with Browful Sculpt Pencil. Make those lips luscious and kissable with a lip balm. If your bae likes to see color on you, go for a tinted one. Lastly, wear a woody oriental perfume to keep them obsessed.

Looking for unique Valentine’s Day gifting ideas? Here’s a guide to your rescue, particularly curated for your special one and their charming affinities.

a) V-Day Gifts for her: To show that you know her choices

Leave no stone unturned in letting her know that you pay attention to her preferences. If you have often caught her talking about beauty and makeup with a glint of passion in her eyes, make her feel heard with our sensational products.

A sensuous creamy matte lipstick like our Sinful Matte Lip Color will be the perfect adornment for her pout, while our Just Smoky Kajal will be the best accessory for those eyes that have kept you captivated for so long. If you have often seen her sporting juicy colors on her tips, then Vegan Nail Lacquers will have her thanking you endlessly. Choose one in her favorite color. Or win her heart by taking her to a world of alluring scents with White Cashmere EDP - a feminine, mysterious, and exotic amalgamation of floral notes.

V-Day Gifts for Him: Surprise Him to Woo Him

If you are tired of gifting him watches and wallets all the time, surprise him by introducing him to the world of beauty and grooming products. Going the extra mile to make him special will make this Valentine’s Day a memorable affair.

v day makeup gifts

Our Face the Sun Broad Spectrum Daily Face Protector will be a good way to show him that you care about him and the well-being of his skin. Or invite him to jump onto the hydration bandwagon with our most talked-about product Vita Hemp Moisturizer. You could literally gift him ‘hydration happiness’ with the Oh So Happy Lippy which has serotonin-boosting ingredients. Lastly, a regal and luxurious perfume like Black-Oud EDP will be the perfect marker of your admiration for him.

Wrapping it Off:

Dedicate this Valentine’s Day to nothing but love and magic. This was a basic Valentine’s Day guide to help everyone plan their day in the most luxurious way possible. If you are in the mood for some adventure, experiment or mix and match different ideas to spice things up and create that spark.