What makes our Award-Winning Nail Lacquers so cool?

Here’s a true confession: Nothing makes our hearts flutter like a teenager in love than having manicured nails painted in our favorite shade of nail lacquer.

Call us a nail-paint nerd but we are absolutely dedicated to our perfectly colored nails! And this same unwavering love for nail lacquers has bagged us Nykaa Femina Beauty Award 2020 for nail paint.

Now that’s something to boast about, right?

Over the moon is one way to describe what this award by Nykaa is making us feel. And the fact that you have chosen us as Colorbar Nail Lacquers as the nail paint of the year just makes it better!

Now if you’re still not familiar with our wide collection of awesome nail lacquers; hang on. Because you’re in for a colorful ride in the nail polish town while we tell you what makes our nail lacquers so cool & award worthy?

Biggest Collection

Let’s face it, Nail color is a statement of individualism.

And the fact that it can be changed in a whim to match an outfit or our mood, just makes our love for nails paints grow even bigger.

But, do you want to know exactly how big we are on nail lacquers?

We have 1001 shades in different textures and formulations (we told you, it’s a big collection). From matte nail paints to glossy and glitter lacquers, our collection of nail paints in every girl’s fairy tale dream.

Long-lasting Color

Don’t you just hate when your nail polish starts chipping or worse, it starts yellowing your nails?

We share the same feeling, which is why Colorbar Nail Lacquers have been designed to be chip-resistant and non-yellowing.


Pretty-looking nails are cool but we cannot let the nourishment slide.

So, let’s talk about the formulation.

Colorbar Nail Lacquers provide intense glossy shine, high pigment leading to superb color payoff and pleasant drying time. This genius formula also strengthens, conditions and hardens weak & brittle nails.

In crux, our nail lacquers don’t only look good but also, nourish your nails.

But, what is truly magical about this formula is that it is convertible.

Top it up with our photo-reactive top coat and the wear of your nail polish will increase even further. This topcoat does not require a UV lamp, instead it reacts with natural light to give you limitless shine and instant volume.

Dermatologically Tested

Are you the one who looks at all the ingredients of a product to ensure they are safe to use?

If you’re nodding your head in a yes, then let us tell you; we like you.

We are all about safe and clean cosmetics. We ensure that our nail paints (and all our products) are dermatologically tested for your skin.


Are you still waiting for the best part?

Then here it is.

Yes, Colorbar Nail Lacquers are 100% cruelty-free. We love our furry friends more than anything, even pizza.

All our products are consciously cruelty-free so you can be sure that no animal is getting harmed in our pursuit of delivering the best of the beauty world to you.

Found enough reasons to grab our nail lacquers?

Well. Wait for the proverbial cherry on the cake!

You just might be interested in knowing that these nail lacquers start at INR 199 each.

Mic drop moment, ain’t it?

So, what are you waiting for?

Go & grab your favorite nail colors.

Remember, the more, the merrier.