Yes, You Can Sleep With Your Mascara On!

We have been taught from a young age that we must remove all our makeup before we sleep. Makeup contains chemicals that we don’t want lingering on our skin through the night, when our skin needs to breathe and repair itself. We’ve always been strong believers of this school of thought but then we created the Oh My My! Conditioning Serum Mascara and everything changed. This mascara is a revolutionary, one of a kind product that actually works for your benefit while you sleep. This miracle worker acts like a superhero, with one identity during the day and another at night to give you long, luscious lashes. All you need to do is use this mascara as often as possible and you’ll see incredible results in days.

This dual-purpose mascara has multiple benefits. Apart from being the perfect top coat for your regular mascara, this invisible, paraben-free, jelly textured, moisturizing mascara provides a strong forming and restructuring effect. It not only helps your lashes look their best through the day but works all night to strengthen and lengthen them. The best part about this product is that it is incredibly light and weightless so you never feel like you have anything on even though it is working really hard to nourish your lashes. Enriched with natural proteins and vitamins, our mascara serum leaves each strand of your lashes feeling supple and flexible and looking healthier and longer than ever. How does this work you ask? Well, let us tell you right away.

During the day, our Oh My My! Conditioning Serum Mascara’s main role is to soften and nourish your lashes. We all love the volumizing effects of mascara but most mascara can turn cakey and weigh your lashes down, even flaking off after a few hours. In order to avoid this, use our conditioning serum mascara on top of your traditional mascara. You will find that your lashes will immediately feel more moisturized and flexible, looking and feeling super soft and supple. This mascara is completely clear so you can wear any color you want underneath.

At night is when the magic starts! Our Oh My My! Conditioning Serum Mascara works as a night treatment for your lashes. Once you have removed all your makeup, apply this mascara on your lashes as it nourishes your lashes with nutrients and vitamins to make them strong and healthy. This mascara is the only one of its kind and will show you results like none other. With special ingredients like hydrolized wheat protein and chondrus crispus, this dual-purpose mascara is one makeup product you can definitely wear to bed!