You Go Girl! The Lip Liner That Keeps Up With You

You Go Girl! The Lip Liner That Keeps Up With You


You Go Girl! Lip Liners:  Stay Flawless and Fierce So You Can Do You


Lip Liners That Say You Go Girl!

You’re here to make your mark. Strong, independent, inspiring -- a woman who knows her mind. We’ve got just the wing-woman to back you up so you can bring your A-game. Our You Go Girl matte finish lip liner is inspired by women who bring grace, finesse, and strength to their brand of leadership.

As the world wakes up to the power of the woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, it’s time to back yourself and chase your dreams. No matter how impossible. Because with your passion and resilience, you can have it all!

Lip Liners in Every Shade of You

The You Go Girl range of matte finish lip liners comes in several stunning colors to suit every shade of your personality. Vibrant, bold, beautiful. Just like you.

These cruelty-free lip liners come in 10 luxurious shades that work on all skin types so that you don’t have to skimp on choice. Pick from hyperpigmented vivid, saturated, and neutral shades - you’ll never need to just ‘settle’. Oh! And did we mention they’re gel-based? This formulation amplifies the pigments so the look pops no matter which lip liner shades you pick. Perfect for making a statement.

Designed for Perfection

We know that nothing escapes your eagle eye, so we’ve created a skinny applicator that’s designed for added precision. You’ll love the control it gives you to create that eye-catching well-defined lip. Feel the lip liner pencil glide across your lips, making the outline you want to create in one easy swipe.

Make Your Mark with Shapely Full Lips

Make sure your lips are always Insta and selfie-ready. Nothing looks more striking than fuller-looking shapely lips. Lip contouring is your best friend for depth and dimension and this handy gel-based matte lip liner is your little secret weapon. You’ll get that perfect pout with the definition the You Go Girl lip liner offers. Every time.

Flawless All-Day Wear

The strong long-lasting lip liner is smudge resistant, transfer-proof, and water resistant, to keep you looking picture-perfect all day long so you can focus on that next big move. The best lip liner for a girl on the go!

The lip liner is priced at just INR 695, so go ahead and treat yourself to a lip liner set in the shades that define you.

Face the world with the confidence that’s got you this far and chart that road ahead.

Stay fierce, stay you. You Go Girl.