You O’ Clock With Our Skin Essentials Range

Sometimes it’s them o’clock. 

Sometimes it’s who o’clock. 

Sometimes it’s no o’clock. 

Sometimes it’s yes o’clock.

But with Colorbar,

It’s always you o’clock!

We bring to you its skin essentials range for your day to day requirements for the ‘New Normal’. Our Skin Essentials Range is packed with skin loving and aromatic ingredients to give your senses and skin some extra love. The best skincare products come in two variants – Neroli Nights and Floral Breeze.

Get citrusy with our Neroli Nights Collection: We packed the freshness of orange zests and neroli oils in our Neroli Nights Bath and Body Range. Feeling fresher just got easy with:

1. BODY WASH & SHOWER GEL - NEROLI NIGHTS: Your bathing ritual is about to get better! Our Neroli Nights Body Wash and Shower Gel comes with soothing neroli oil and orange zest to give you even skin tone.

2. BODY LOTION & MOISTURISER - NEROLI NIGHTS: If healthy skin is your dream then never skip the body lotion. Our Neroli Nights Body Lotion comes with caring oil of neroli which increases your skin’s ability to retain moisture giving you healthy and hydrated skin. 

Pro tip: Apply the body lotion on damp skin right after you shower to help your skin better absorb the product. 

3. GENTLE CLEANSING HAND WASH-NEROLI NIGHTS: If you’re a sucker for citrusy scents, then this one is for you! The soap free formula comes with olive oil to ensure hand washing does not dry out your hands. 

4. FRUIT DROP HAND CREAM: Kiss those dry hands goodbye! Our Fruit Drop Hand Cream is perfect to finish off your hand care routine with.

Ring-a-ringa-roses, pocket full of nourishment with our Floral Breeze Collection: Colorbar’s Floral Breeze Collection is packed with hydrating properties of roses. Enjoy the soothing effect of roses with:

1. BODY WASH & SHOWER GEL - FLORAL BREEZE: This body wash is a modern and romantic medley of airy Rose water blended with Rose flower oil. Wash your way to cleaner, softer skin with a luxurious, bubbly lather that’s bursting with an invigorating fragrance. 

2. BODY LOTION & MOISTURISER - FLORAL BREEZE: Nothing smells better than a fresh bouquet of roses, right? Wrong, you can smell better! Our Floral Breeze Body Lotion comes with notes of Bulgarian rose water and Evening Prima Rose. The light weight and non-greasy body lotion gives you hydration and a fragrance that lingers for long.

3. GENTLE CLEANSING HAND WASH-FLORAL BREEZE: Tís the season to wash your hands! Wash your hands but don’t let them dry out. Our Handwash is made with soap free form and contains castor oil to retain your skin’s natural moisture.

Why fall in love with our skin essentials:

Self-care comes with no gender: Our collections – Floral Breeze and Neroli Nights are crafted to suit the needs of all genders. The unisex collection pampers and hydrates without any discrimination.

Ingredients straight from the laps of nature: All our skin care products are made with skin-friendly ingredients and are derived straight from nature. Be it roses or oranges, our skin essentials range comes with the best quality of ingredients. 

Formulas to pamper your skin: Our formulations keep in mind your skin’s natural PH level and ensure nothing disrupts that! You can remove dry and flaky skin from your dictionary.

Our Skin Essentials are all you need to give yourself the time-out you deserve. These formulas have been packed with extra love to show you we care. So don’t wait to show your skin that you care!