Zoom Call Approved Makeup Look

The altered world of ‘Unlock 1.0’ has begun! Girls, it needs you to emerge from the forgiving lowers to restore oomph back into your demeanor.

That said, many of us are still working from home and video chats are the ‘new normal’. Admit it! We all want to look our best for our Zoom meeting in those tiny screens. But your laptop camera is not doing you any favors? We hear you!

A little help from Colorbar is all it takes for you to get ready for your Zoom meetings. Whether it’s a 9 am meeting with the team or a girl’s virtual night out, these handful of products are all you need in your beauty arsenal to ace the meet.

From concealing under eye bags to the ‘barely there’ makeup look and adding a pops of color on the lips, here’s how you can up the ante on your glamour quotient for the next video conference with just 6 products and 10 mins.

Step 1-  Moisturizer. Moisturize. Moisturize - Needless to say, skin care is absolutely essential whether you are home or not. After a quick cleanse, we recommend Colorbar’s range of hydrating moisturizers that adds luminosity to your skin.

Step 2- Flawless skin- You don’t want to overdo with the foundation and look too shiny. We recommend Amino Skin Radiant Foundation. It is a high coverage foundation with a light-weight texture, giving you natural light effect. Formulated with Lysine, an essential amino acid that boosts collagen synthesis. This foundation fills lines and wrinkles for a smooth and youthful glow. Its water-resistant formula will last you for more than one zoom call in a day or just keep it light with BB cream. It gives you a glowing, sheer coverage while adding a boost of hydration.

Amino Skin Foundation is available for INR 1200 in 8 shades.

Perfect Match Beauty Balm is available for INR 650 in 3 shades.

Step 3- Conceal don’t reveal - You want to look like you’ve had a good 8hrs sleep, even if you didn’t ! This is when concealers come to your rescue. Colorbar Flawless Full Coverage brightens your eyes, mask acne scars and hides every evidence of a not so ‘well rested night’.  Its liquid to powder formula moisturizes your skin for a full-coverage and gives you a crease-free matte finish.

Available for INR 699 in 5 shades. Suitable for every skin type including sensitive skin.

Step 4- Swipe on some mascara- We recommend that you skip the kajal and swipe on loads of mascara instead. Mascara adds definition to your eyes and makes them appear brighter and bigger on camera, which is exactly what you should be aiming for! Colorbar Mascara helps you get natural looking eyelashes or if you’re in a mood for some intense drama, this mascara will not let you down. Its conditioning formula coats each lash with an intense black color and curls your lashes to perfection. Just like the name, zoom for the day with this mascara and whoosh for the night, magic any time of the day you want.

Suitable for even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Available for INR 650.

Step 5- Brighten up with a blush- Apply a blush that’s bit more vibrant than what you’d wear normally to avoid looking washed out in front of the camera. Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush comes in 8 gorgeous shades. It has a light-weight and silky texture that adds a velvet touch to your cheeks with a beautiful color. Build and blend to your liking but make sure you do not overdo it.

Available for INR 675

Step 6- A pop of color for your lips- You can choose to skip this step but a lip color of some sort makes you look fresh. It also looks very good on camera. You can choose from Colorbar’s wide range of lipcolors. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can pick a bold lip color with an almost bare face or keep it neutral with a lip balm. We recommend Oh So Happy Lippy that is available in 3 variants for a tint of color. This revolutionary lippy that will increase your happiness by 2.8 times within 30 minutes. With  magical HAPPINESS COMPLEX that is packed with magical ingredients which produce Serotonin naturally, the happy chemical that contributes to wellbeing.

There you go! 

Lights. Camera. Game On Girls!