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Cash On Delivery Available
15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15
Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499
Cash On Delivery Available15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

Cash On Delivery Available

15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15

Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

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Spellbound Eyeshadow & Blush Palette
Best Seller


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Pick this book of spells and the world shall eye only you! This 24 shades palette transforms your look in a jiffy. Ranging from enticing eyeshadows to captivating blushers, highlighters and contour, these long-lasting shades are formulated to be super...

MRP : ₹2,800

Hurry! Only 31 remaining in stock!

Fairy-tale eyeshadow palette
Best Seller


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Your wish to live fairytale-like days has finally come true! The 24 transformed nude shades come in ultra-pigmented mattes, shimmers and metallic hues. The long-lasting mattes are formulated to be super smooth and blendable, the striking shimmers have a velvety...

MRP : ₹2,800

Hurry! Only 22 remaining in stock!

Pixie Love Eyeshadow Palette
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 13 remaining in stock!


Look like magic day and night with this incredibly versatile palette. Grab your wands and mix and match 28 highly pigmented mattes, pearly shimmers and frosty metallic hues for soft, long-lasting looks. The mattes are formulated to be super smooth...

MRP : ₹2,800

Hurry! Only 13 remaining in stock!

Bewitching Eyeshadow Palette
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 56 remaining in stock!


Luxury eyeshadow palette with a quartet of highly pigmented, long lasting colors for mesmerising eyes. Non-creasing and perfect for all kinds of looks covering day wear, evening out, lunch date and party. They are made to help you create your...

MRP : ₹795

Hurry! Only 56 remaining in stock!

Nectar Crush Eyeshadow Palette
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 7 remaining in stock!


A sultry palette with golden hues for a glamorous and sensual woman in you. It surely brightens up your day and night and makes you feel the sexiest in the town. The line-up of opulent golden neutral eyeshadows in the...

MRP : ₹2,200

Hurry! Only 7 remaining in stock!

Berry Blush Eyeshadow Palette
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 16 remaining in stock!


Very juicy, very luscious, very sweet. It’s Berry Bonanza on your eyes with this Colorbar Eyeshadow Palette. Dress up your eyes in a delightful and mouth-watering berry-hued range of eyeshadow shades. This eyeshadow palette lets you indulge in its wild...

MRP : ₹2,200

Hurry! Only 16 remaining in stock!

Just Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 21 remaining in stock!


Possibilities? They are endless if you get your hands on our Just Nude Eyeshadow Palette. This Colorbar Eyeshadow Palette brings to you a mix of opulent complementing shades that will help you achieve multiple looks, from a bold, smokey eye...

MRP : ₹2,200

Hurry! Only 21 remaining in stock!

Moon Lava Eyeshadow
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 15 remaining in stock!


Make your eyes shine like the moon with this liquid glitter eyeshadow!It’s time to turn heads with our magical liquid glow eyeshadow that bursts with glitter. Delivering a rich pigment and intense shimmer, this glitter eyeshadow will make your eyes...

MRP : ₹1,200

Hurry! Only 15 remaining in stock!

Color Circus Candy Man Eye Pigment-1
Best Seller


: Hurry! Only 58 remaining in stock!


We’ve tasted the world’s juiciest candies and created eye pigments that rival the sweetest of them all. Let your eyes enter the world of pearly, sparkling, multi-dimensional color, where each shade was created to give your lids a touch of...

MRP : ₹350

Hurry! Only 58 remaining in stock!

Paint ‘em eyes with all shades of magic using Colorbar Eyeshadows 

<p> With an eyeshadow palette comes a number of artistic possibilities - all of them geared to make you look like the star you truly are. Eyeshadow is the best thing to have happened to eyes, for it enhances and beautifies them by adding depth and color. An eyeshadow makeup is the best way to drive the world’s attention to your eyes. </p>

<p> When we talk about eyeshadows, formulations play a major role if you want to get high pigmentation, blendability, and minimal fallout. Well, if you are reading this, you are at the right place. The extensive eyeshadow palette range from Colorbar Cosmetics offers velvety rich textures, intense color payoff, and easy blendability. Our eyeshadow range including exclusive Jacqueline Fernandez eye palettes offers practically every shade you need to get sultry and sexy eyeshadow looks. Whatever finish you desire - matte, metallic, or shimmer, you name it and we have it! </p>
<p> Here’s why you immediately need an eyeshadow palette in your makeup vanity. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo"> Why is an eyeshadow palette a must-have in your makeup kit?</h2>

<p> The world of eyeshadows is a tad bit difficult to figure out, mainly because of the whirlpool of shades and steps involved. If you are on the verge of giving up and considering to click the back/exit option, hang on! Here’s why not having an eye palette may lead you to lose out on amazing beauty looks! </p>

<p> ⦁ Eyeshadow makeup draws attention to the windows of your soul, that is, the eyes. By decorating them with smoldering colors and creative patterns, eyeshadows make your eyes look attractive.  </p>
<p> ⦁ Eyeshadows allow you to create the illusion of bigger eyes. The trick is to use light color eyeshadows on areas such as the inner corner of the eyes, central part of the eyelids, or the part under your eyebrow arch. You can also create a fake crease with the help of a brown eyeshadow that will again make your eyes look wider.</p>
<p> ⦁ Eyeshadow looks help to complete your OOTD. So if you are dressed up for a casual occasion or a big fat Indian wedding, complementing <a href="">eye makeup</a> will help you seal the look.   </p>

<p>Aren’t eyeshadows magical? Now that you finally understand why you need to build your own eyeshadow kit right away, know the trending eyeshadow looks and the eyeshadow palettes from Colorbar that will help you achieve them. </p>  

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Different eyeshadow looks with Colorbar Eyeshadow Kits</h2>

<p> ⦁ The beauty community on social media is going all out with their eyeshadow looks. We can’t wait for you to try out these trending looks with Colorbar’s eye palette range.</p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo"> Nude eyeshadow look 2 </h2>

<p> ⦁ This is one of the easiest looks to subtly turn up the glamour quotient on an ordinary day. You can pull off this look with our <a href="">Just Nude Eyeshadow palette</a> which offers rich matte, stunning metallic, and gorgeous shimmer shades. Intense pigmentation coupled with silky and long-lasting formula makes this eye palette worth your penny.<p>

<p>For a nude eyeshadow look, take a shade that’s close to your skin tone and apply it all over your eyelid. Blend a slightly darker shade on the outer corner upto the crease. Taking a deep shade, smudge it along the upper and lower lash lines.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo"> Smokey Eyeshadow Look</h2>

<p>Getting that smoldering smokey eye makeup look is easy with our <a href="">Smokey Eyeshadow Palette</a>. Consisting of practically all the shades you need to create a smokey eye look, this eye palette assures a smudge-proof, long-lasting, creamy, and blendable formula. Taking the darkest shade, blend it on the outer corner of your eyes and along the crease. Using a slightly lighter shade, apply it to the center of the eyelids and blend it with the previous shade to avoid harsh demarcations. After applying the lightest shade on the inner corner, blend this color with the previous shade. Line the lower lashline by blending a dark shade onto it. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo"> Metallic eyeshadow look </h2>

<p> Chromatic eyes look sexy and futuristic. Achieving that is easy with our 3D metallic liquid eyeshadow called
<a href="">Moonlava Eyeshadow</a> which is basically an explosion of glitter. A water-based formula offering a spectacular metallic shine, this liquid eyeshadow is long-lasting and easy-to-apply. Just apply the eyeshadow directly onto your eyelids. To distribute the color evenly all over the lids, pat on the eyeshadow gently with your finger. Build it up by topping the first layer with more eyeshadow to get the desired intensity. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo"> Shimmery eyeshadow look </h2>

<p>A shimmery eyeshadow look is the best way to amp up the glam quotient. For this look, our <a href="">Berry Blush Eyeshadow
Palette</a> will be the perfect eye palette for you. Get juicy shades like peaches, burgundies, plums, cranberry, and rose in shimmery and matte finishes. Apply the lighter shade on the crease followed by darker eyeshadow on the outer corner upto the crease. Apply the peachy shimmery shade to the remaining part of the eyelid to get a glowy, soft, and peachy look. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo"> Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look</h2>

<p> Cut-crease eye makeup look lends extra definition to your eyes and makes them look even bigger. You can go all experimental with this look, and <a href="">Party All Nite</a> is the perfect eye palette for you. For it has colorful shades like pinks, blues, reds, silvers, and so on. Ace your eyeshadow looks with highly blendable and creamy colors that smoothly glide on your lids.  Blend the pink shade across your crease. Define your outer corner by blending a black shade. Now take some concealer and trace the remaining part of the eye to achieve a contrasted look. After applying the concealer, apply a blue shimmery shade on that part to complete the cut-crease eyeshadow look. </p>

<p>So these were some of the trending eyeshadow makeup looks that you can achieve with various eye palettes from Colorbar. Now comes buying the right eyeshadow palette online.  </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Buy the right eyeshadows online with this quick guide</h2>

<p>There’s literally a galaxy of eyeshadow palettes on the internet offering both basic and unique shades. And with so many eye makeup trends doing the rounds on social media, people are not shying away from experimenting with eyeshadow shades. And we also encourage you to do so - to be whoever you want to be and wear whatever you want. However, there are certain colors that look especially flattering on your skin tone. So if you are a beginner in the world of makeup and confused about what eyeshadow palettes to buy online, refer to the list of eyeshadow shades best for your skin tone. </p>

<p> ⦁ If you have warm undertones, it means you have a hint of yellowness or golden in your skin. Therefore, shades like coral, light green, light pink, and bronze will mesh well with the natural warmth of your skin. </p>

<p> ⦁ People with cool skin tones tend to have a hint of blue and pink in their skin. For this type, colors like lilac, grey, silver, teal will be a good match.</p>

<p>If you have neutral undertones, meaning if you have both warmth and coolness to your tone, then you can actually experiment with all colors and determine what specifically looks good on you. </p>

<p>After you purchase the right shades online, comes the task of applying them right. Let’s know how to apply eyeshadow properly.</p> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Perfect the art of applying eyeshadow with these easy steps</h2>

<p>If you are a beginner in the world of eyeshadows, it may take you time to get used to it. However, if you keep practicing these simple steps, you will become a pro. </p>
<p> ⦁ Begin by applying concealer on your eyelids to prime them and create a smooth canvas for your eye makeup.</p> 

<p> ⦁ Take an eyeshadow shade that’s almost similar to your skin tone and blend it on your crease. Take some color with
our <a href="">Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush</a> and swirl it on the crease in small circular motions. Go back and forth across the eyelid as you do that. </p>

<p> ⦁ Pack a slightly deeper shade with the same brush on your outer corner upto the crease and blend it in the same way to diffuse harsh edges. Don’t go all the way in with the color, make sure the color remains only on the outer corner of the eyes. Blend the color on the lower lash line too.</p>

<p> ⦁ Now apply a brighter eyeshadow shade to the remaining part of the eyelid with our Eyelluring Eyeshadow brush. </p>

<p> ⦁ Complete the look by applying <a href="">eyeliner</a> and <a href="">mascara</a>. </p>

<p>Trending eyeshadow looks? Done. Right eyeshadow colors? Done. Correct eyeshadow application? Done. Now it’s time to finally buy eyeshadows online. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Buy eyeshadow colors online at Colorbar Cosmetics</h2> 

<p>Fill your eyes with the myriad hues of Colorbar Eyeshadows. Pull off the most popular eye makeup looks easily with our highly blendable and pigmented eyeshadow palettes. Pick the palette that matches your vibes only on the official website of Colorbar Cosmetics. Buy eyeshadows online and find deals that will make your eyeshadow haul a pocket-friendly ride! </p>  

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)</h2>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Why to buy eyeshadows from Colorbar Cosmetics?</h2>

<p>Express every mood and ace every occasion with Colorbar’s spectacular range of eyeshadow palettes. Right from minimal nude to blingy bold shades, from soft glam to high-drama smokey colors, from mesmerizing matte to starry shimmery finishes, we have every shade to help you create desired looks. Our long-lasting, intense, and easily blendable shades will have your eyes look dreamy, sexy, and sultry throughout the day! </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">How do I choose eyeshadow for my skin tone?</h2>

<p>When it comes to eyeshadow, you can create magic with literally any color you want. However, if you are curious to know which colors flatter your skin tone the most, here’s a quick guide. Fair/Light skin tones work well with soft colors like peach, pink, lavender, lilac, and taupe. Medium/wheatish skin tones can play with greens, burgundies, chocolate browns, warm plums, and wines. Deep skin tones will look scintillating with jewel-toned eyeshadows like ruby, emerald, or sapphire. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">What are some do’s and don'ts for eyeshadow application?</h2>
<p>Always prime your eyelids with a concealer/primer as it will create a clean canvas for your eyeshadow. Make sure you choose only light colors as your transition shade and refrain from dark or shimmery shades. While blending is necessary, make sure you don’t over-blend as it will lead you eyeshadow to look patchy. Use comparatively lighter shades and refrain from using very dark eyeshadows to define your lower lashline.  </p>