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Cash On Delivery Available
15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15
Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499
Cash On Delivery Available15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

Cash On Delivery Available

15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15

Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

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Soothing pH Lip Oil
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SKU: LO001

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Colorbar’s Soothing pH lip oil is packed with lip care, colour and shine. Its exceptional pH reactive formula creates a personalized distinctive color that is unique to you! The beautiful sheen of the formula grants a well-hydrated and cushioned pout...

MRP : ₹750

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Lighten Up Lip Mender
Best Seller


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Tried every remedy to lighten your lips but failed? Lay all your lip woes to rest, for here’s a revolutionary lip care product from Colorbar. Pamper your lips with our ultra-nourishing Lighten Up Lip Mender. Powered with our unique DAB...

MRP : ₹850

Lip Prime & Care
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A power-packed 2-in-1 lip care essential that guarantees absolutely adorable lips. This Colorbar Lip Primer plus Lip Balm is the new BFF of your lips!Fortified with age-defying Vitamins E and C, Lip Prime & Care protects, hydrates, and nourishes your...

MRP : ₹750

Hurry! Only 14 remaining in stock!

Pamper your lips with Colorbar Cosmetics Lip Care Products

<p>Investing in proper lip care is as essential as investing in lipsticks. This is because our lips do not contain oil glands and are more sensitive than the other parts of our skin. As a result, our lips tend to get dry and chapped easily. A proper lip care routine, however, moisturizes, replenishes, and restores your lips to make them soft and supple. Healthy lips also make your lip color look 10X better!</p>
<p> Colorbar Lip Care products are the soul food for your lips. For after all the color and glam, your lips too need their moments of comfort to revive. Colorbar’s next-generation lip care range includes nourishing lip balms, lip primer, and lip lightening. Our formulations are enriched with Vitamin E, C, and shea butter for protecting, hydrating, and nourishing your lips. Our lip care products not only enhance the look of your lip color but also prolongs its longevity. Our lip balms and primers also have anti-aging properties and fight discoloration. Your best lip companions for daily use. </p>

<p>There are many reasons why you should perform your lip care routine regularly which we explore below.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Reasons why lip care is beneficial for your lips</h2>

<p>Lip care is the most underrated part of lip makeup, but it completely changes the game if you give it a chance. Here’s why lip care is needed for your lips: </p>

<p>A proper hydration routine for your lips will prevent your lips from getting chapped and dry. </p>
<p>When you exfoliate your lips as a part of your lip care routine, you get rid of dead skin and dry flakes plaguing your lips. This further softens and smoothens your lips.</p>
<p>Lip care stops your lips from aging and makes them look youthful. Constant usage of makeup products and exposure to pollution may lead your lips to crease and get wrinkles. You can’t stop using makeup products or going out but you can follow a proper lip care routine to restore the lip’s youthfulness. </p>
<p>It also helps to enhance the performance, pigmentation, and longevity of your lip color. </p>

<p>Now that you know how important keeping your lips healthy and hydrated is, let’s look at Colorbar’s lip care range that you can use to take care of your lips. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Unlimited nourishment for lips with Colorbar Lip Care Products </h2>

<p>Colorbar’s Lip care range includes lip primers, lip balms, and lip-lightening menders that shower extreme care and love on your lips. Let’s see what you can do with them. </p>

<b><a href="">Lip Prime and Care</a></b>
<p>A multipurpose lip care product that can be used as both primer and hydrating lip balm. 
The vitamins E and C in this lip balm/lip primer supply adequate hydration and nourishment to your lips. If you use it under your lipstick, it will prevent your lips from getting dry and also allow the color to last for long. However, you can also wear this waterproof lip balm alone to bless your lips with its luxuriously creamy formula. It also prevents discoloration and aging of lips. </p>

<b><a href="">Oh So Happy Lippy</a></b>
<p>So much care that your lips smile with joy! A shea butter-enriched lip balm perfect for daily use, Oh So Happy Lips is your one-way ticket to soft and supple lips. Best lip balm for dry lips, it also lends a slight tinge of color to your lips. Most importantly, this lip balm is filled with happy ingredients that actually produce serotonin and make you all happy and bubbly. Self-care leads to happiness, and our lip balm proves that. If you want a hydrating lip balm for pink or red lips, then this is it for you! </p>

<b><a href="">Lighten up Lip Mender</a></b> 
<p>The best product for black lips treatment is here. Our lip lightening balm and lip moisturizer effectively fights lip darkening and discoloration by preventing free radical damage. This contains glycerine that helps to moisturize your lips to make them full, plump, and soft. This paraben and sulfate-free Lip mender can be used as a lipstick or alone as a hydrating lip balm to keep dryness at bay.</p>

<p>If you are looking to stock up your self-care kit with Colorbar’s lip care products, then you are the right place! You can easily buy lip care products online at our official website. Now we will give you some tips to choose the best lip care products online for yourself. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Choose the best lip care products online </h2>

<p>Here are the markers of a good lip care product for you:</p>
<p>Any lip care product, be it a lip balm, lip primer, or lip lightening treatment, should always have a lightweight texture. The last thing you want is your lip balm to coat your lips with a thick and sticky formula. </p>
<p>Your lip care products should be hydrating in nature so that they can treat the dryness of your lips. When looking for a lip balm online, always check if they moisturize your lips or not. </p>
<p>Look for moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, glycerine, and Vitamins E & C in your lip balms or lip care products. These ingredients rapidly supply adequate hydration to your lips. </p>
<p>Our lip care range meets all the above parameters, so now you can very well proceed to shop for your desired lip care products online. Now learn how to take care of your lips using our lip care products. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Steps for a 100% effective lip care routine</h2>
<p>Yes, we are too busy to look after ourselves. But a lip care routine is hardly complicated and time-taking. Just a couple of Colorbar lip care products and you are set to flaunt healthy and baby-soft lips. </p>
<p><b>1)</b> Firstly, begin by exfoliating your lips with a DIY lip scrub. Mix some honey and sugar together, and gently rub your lips with the mix. This will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface of your lips. </p>
<p><b>2)</b> Then coat your lips with generous amounts of hydrating lip balm to give all the moisture your lips need. You can wear your lip balm alone if you are just chilling at home or don’t wish to sport any color. </p>
<p><b>3)</b> However, if you want to wear lipstick, blot some of the excess using tissue paper after waiting for 4-5 minutes to let the lips absorb the moisture. After blotting, you can apply your lipstick. </p>
<p> A golden piece of advice for you so that your lip care routine doesn’t go down the drain is to not lick your lips. If your lips feel dry, always apply your lip balm. Therefore, make it a habit to carry your lip balm with you all the time.</p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo">Buy the Best Lip Care Products Online at Colorbar Cosmetics</h2>
<p>Dry and chapped lips are a universal problem. But every universal problem has a universal solution, and that is, lip care. Now that we have given you enough sneak peeks into Colorbar’s lip care range, it’s time that you finally made the move. Buy Colorbar’s lip care products at a discount, and include something new and nourishing in your self-pampering sessions.</p> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo">
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)</h2>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Which lip balm is best for dry and dark lips? </h2>
<p>The best lip balm for dry and dark lips would be our Lighten Up Lip Mender. Essentially used as a lip color base or lip moisturizer, it can also be worn alone as a lip balm for ultra-hydration. It fights lip darkening and discoloration and also makes your lips super soft and supple. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Which lip balm is best for daily use?</h2>
<p>Our Oh So Happy Lippy makes for the ideal lip balm for daily use. This lip balm not only provides abundant hydration to your lips but also makes you feel happy due to its magical ingredients boosting your serotonin levels. Fill you daily life with care, happiness, and a pop of color with our Oh So Happy Lippy Range available in three exciting shades.</p> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Why to buy lip balm from Colorbar Cosmetics?</h2>
<p>Colorbar Cosmetics always makes sure to combine high performance and nourishment in its beauty products. Colorbar’s cruelty-free range of lip balms is enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and Vitamins E and C that provide all-round care to your lips. With Colorbar’s lip balm range, you not only get soft and supple lips but also enhanced lip makeup and prolonged stay of your lipsticks. </p>