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Cash On Delivery Available
15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15
Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499
Cash On Delivery Available15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

Cash On Delivery Available

15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15

Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

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Lash Illusion Duo Mascara
Best Seller

SKU: DM001

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Fluttery, flirty, fabulous - this mascara lengthens and volumises lashes, adding the final Midas touch to your eye makeup. Its Lash Lengthening side conditions and primes. While  the Lash Voluminizing side is used to create thicker, darker more dramatic lashes....

MRP : ₹495

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Zoom And Whoosh Mascara
Best Seller


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You don’t have a boring personality, so there’s no reason for your mascara to have one – go from everyday natural to intense drama in one swipe. Zoom & Whoosh Mascara’s conditioning formula coats each lash with rich black color...

MRP : ₹695

Hurry! Only 49 remaining in stock!

Zoom And Whoosh Mascara
Best Seller


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You don’t have a boring personality, so there’s no reason for your mascara to have one – go from everyday natural to intense drama in one swipe. Zoom & Whoosh Mascara’s conditioning formula coats each lash with rich black color...

MRP : ₹750

Hurry! Only 20 remaining in stock!

Flutter your way to glory with Colorbar Mascaras

<p>You can’t deny that mascara is just another name for magic. The way an eye mascara takes your lash game up by adding length and volume to your eyelashes is not a joke. Even on those busy/late days when you cannot sneak any kind of makeup
into your routine, just a coat of mascara and a swipe of lip gloss will help you get going!</p>

<p>Making your eyelashes look all the more electrifying and dramatic is Colorbar’s range of lengthening and volumizing eye mascaras. Our high-impact mascaras make your lashes look blacker, thicker, and darker, adding all the right kinds of drama to your life. Clump-free, flake-proof, waterproof, and transfer-resistant, our mascaras will last you through boardroom meetings, all-nighter parties, gym sessions, and swimming shenanigans. To add, a literal gem in our
collection, our growth-boosting eye mascara, enriched with seaweed and lemon extracts, makes your lashes 1mm longer within 30 days of regular usage!</p>

<p>Conditioning and nourishing your lashes, our waterproof mascaras are safe for those with sensitive skin and contact lenses. </p>

<p>Now before we take you through our world of eye mascaras, let’s tell you how mascara makeup takes your eye makeup to another level altogether!</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >How does mascara make your eyes look beautiful?</h2>
<p>If you were wondering why you should invest in an eye mascara, here are the reasons: </p>

<p> ⦁  By coating your lashes with blacker-than-black pigment, mascara makes your eyelashes look more intense, dramatic, and darker.</p>
<p> ⦁ When you put on mascara makeup, your lashes look fuller, longer, and thicker. This illusion of long and voluminous
<a href="">eyelashes</a> makes your eyes look sexy and enigmatic.</p>  
<p>- Mascara makes your eyes look wide awake. This creates the illusion of brighter and bigger eyes. </p>
<p> ⦁ Because your eyes look bigger and brighter with mascara makeup on, you also end up looking fresher, healthier and radiant.</p>

<p>Thank god for mascaras! Now as you gear up to buy Colorbar Mascaras online, take a quick look at what our range has in store for you. Mark your faves to make that perfect purchase.</p>  

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Different types of Mascaras available at Colorbar Cosmetics </h2>
We offer incredible volumizing, lengthening, and waterproof eye mascaras with long-lasting formulations and nourishing properties. You are free to choose the perfect pick from our range as per your preferences!
<p><b>1) <a href="">Zoom and Whoosh Mascara</a> - For Both Minimal and Dramatic Looks
Our best-selling mascara has got your lash game sorted at all times, for this mascara can be used for both natural and dramatic looks. Just one swipe and get an incredible length and volume! This eye mascara comes with a crease-proof, water-resistant, and transfer-resistant formula. So the intense black pigment stays intact on your lashes without flaking and making your under-eye area a mess. So be it at work or party, flaunt an intense black color as you flutter your eyelashes, only with Zoom and Whoosh Mascara.</p> 

<p><b> 2) <a href="">Lash Duo Illusion Mascara</a> - For Both Length and Volume</b></p>

<p>True to its name, this mascara comes with dual functionality that makes your life easier and lashes sexier. This eye mascara comes with a lash lengthener that conditions and primes your eyelashes and a lash volumizer that makes your lashes fuller and darker. Again, its clump-free and flake-free formula allows you to layer the mascara to your desired thickness and length. Adding to the list of its praises, this water-resistant mascara contains zero parabens, mineral
oils, and formaldehyde.</p>
<p><b> 3) <a href="">Active Swimproof Mascara</a> - For Quatic Fun and Sweaty Gym Days</b></p>

<p>From the house of Colorbar Cosmetics comes a revolutionary waterproof mascara that withstands the onslaught of splashes. So while you have fun at the water park or hit those reps at the gym, you also ensure that your lash game is on point. High-impact mascara with an extremely black pigmentation to offer, this mascara will last you throughout the day. This
eye mascara creates a sealing film that acts like a defense against water and sweat. The mascara wand has a 3-sphere design that reaches even the tiniest of lashes, making them look incredibly voluminous and long. It’s enriched with argan oil, mango seed oil, bamboo extract, and rice bran wax and is also paraben-free.
<p>So these were our best-selling eye mascaras that you should definitely consider including in your makeup vanity. You can buy mascaras online and explore other mascara options as well on our website.  </p>
Now if you were wondering what mascara would be the best for you, here’s us giving you a list of factors to consider to buy the right mascara online.</p> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >How to buy the right mascara online for yourself? </h2>

<p>Not all of us are blessed with long and thick eyelashes. That’s totally fine, but sometimes, we do want our lashes to look all flirty, fluttery, and fuller. So depending on what your lash type or eye shape is, you need to zero down on the perfect eye mascara for yourself. Here are some points you need to consider while buying mascara online. 
<p> ⦁ If you have thin eyelashes and want them to look voluminous, a volumizing mascara will work the best for you. We recommend you to try out 30 Days Growth Booster Mascara which not only gives you volume but also grows your eyelashes by 1mm within 30 days of regular usage.<p> 
<p> ⦁ For those with short eyelashes,  you can opt for a lengthening mascara like Lash Duo Illusion Mascara which not only imparts length to your lashes but also makes them look fuller.</p>

<p> ⦁ If you have small eyes, a curling mascara will do the trick to make your eyes look wider. Go with our Zoom and Whoosh Mascara. It actually serves three purposes - lengthening, volumizing, and curling your lashes. After applying this mascara, your lashes will gain an amazing thickness, length, and curl, making your eyes look much wider and awake. 
<p>With this, we have further made your mascara hunt easier. When you finally buy the perfect mascara online from Colorbar Cosmetics, here’s how you will need to use them to get the perfect lashes.  
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >How to apply mascara to get magical eyelashes? </h2>
Now it often happens that no matter how good your mascara is, you don’t get the desired effect because you don’t follow the right technique.  Here’s how you apply mascara like an expert.
<p> ⦁ First, you curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. This will already lengthen your lashes. After the eyelash curler,  the mascara will further add on to the lifted and lengthened effect. </p>
<p> ⦁ Now take any mascara like our Zoom and Whoosh Mascara. Take the wand out of the tube and take the excess product off by sliding it on the mouth of the tube. Wiping off the excess product will help you avoid clumpy lashes.</p> 
<p> ⦁ To prevent your mascara from drying, don’t pump the wand in and out of the bottle.</p> 
<p> ⦁ Start applying your eye mascara by placing it at the base of the upper lashes. Now wiggle the wand as you coat the base.</p>
<p> ⦁ Pull the wand upwards till the tip of your lashes in the same zig zag motion.  Proceed softly and gently to prevent clumping. Make sure you manage to coat each and every lash in this way.</p>
<p> ⦁ To get the desired thickness, apply more coats in the same way.</p>
<p> ⦁ To coat your bottom lashes, apply the product with the tip of wand. Apply it only to the roots and wiggle the wand back and forth.</p> 
<p> ⦁ To coat the outer and inner corner lashes, you can apply the mascara using the tip of your wand.</p> 
<p> ⦁ It’s normal to get product around the eye area. You can use an ear bud soaked in micellar water makeup remover. Rub it gently over the areas that have got the product on. This will remove all the traces of mascara. </p>

<p>Just a few days of practice, and you will have people coming to you asking for mascara tips. Now a small tip to prevent the worst nightmare of any mascara user - clumpy eyelashes. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >How to avoid clumpy lashes while applying mascara? </h2>

<p>To avoid your lashes from getting all heavy and clumpy, you just need to follow the given rules -</p>

<p> ⦁ Leftover makeup product doesn’t take seconds to spoil your makeup. Similarly, leftover mascara can result in clumpy lashes. So when you apply your mascara, make sure you remove all the traces of mascara on your eyes with a makeup
<p> ⦁ Always remember to wiggle your wand against your lashes while applying the mascara. This will also ensure even distribution of the mascara on your lashes.</p>
<p> ⦁  Stick to a maximum limit of 2 coats as more coats will lead to unnecessary build-up of product making your lashes heavy.</p> 
<p> ⦁ Always wait for 30 seconds and not more than that for the previous coat of mascara to dry before going for a subsequent coat. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Buy Mascaras online at Colorbar Cosmetics</h2>

<p>Embark on the journey of mascara madness right away! Trust us, an eye mascara is not just a makeup product, it’s your soulmate. And it’s time that you met your soulmate nowhere but at Colorbar Cosmetics. Buy mascara online at our website, and get it delivered quickly to your doorstep. Grab the best mascaras right now at great prices as we have stellar offers running on our website for a limited time.</p> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)</h2> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Does Mascara make your eyes look better?</h2>

<p>Mascara makes your eye makeup look 10x better as it gives volume and length to your eyelashes, making your eyes look wider. A black mascara makes your eyes look darker, enigmatic, and sexy. No matter what eye makeup look you are going for, always remember to complete it with generous coats of mascara.
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Is there any Colorbar waterproof mascara?</h2>

<p>Colorbar’s Active Swimproof Mascara is one of the best waterproof mascaras out there. Standing true to its name, this mascara provides 100% defense against water owing to the sealing film in its formula. Apart from being waterproof, this eye mascara lengthens and volumizes your lashes and coats them with the blackest of black pigment. 

<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Which mascara is best for daily use?</h2>

<p> For daily use, Colorbar’s Lash Illusion Duo Mascara would be the best pick for you, especially if you want to add volume and length to your lashes. What makes it perfect for daily use is that its flake-proof formula does not reduce into pesky tiny flakes that land on your under-eye area. Furthermore, its clump-free formula allows you to layer your lashes as much as you want without making your eyelashes heavier. Look perfect all day long with Lash Illusion Duo Mascara!</p>