While the pandemic keeps us at home, our usual routines have gone for a toss, so has self-care to an extent. In this new normal, a lot of things have taken a back seat, pushing self-care too at the back. Amongst the everyday uphill ride, we deserve some TLC, isn’t it? We got you here lovelies, let’s make every day a ‘You’ day with some best of Colorbar self-care products that are easy to go with:


Admit it, in this busy routine of yours, you have gone for days without cleansing yourself? You have to stop already! Instead, try these facial cleansers to give your skin some gentle love:

1. My Go-To Partner Cleanser: Nothing compares to having more than 1 benefit in one product, right? This special companion of yours is a transforming 3-in-1 ‘balm-oil-milk’ cleanser that lets you cleanse off dirt, detoxify your skin from all traces of grime and flush it with moisture.

2. Fresh Start Water Cleanser: Won’t it be amazing to have a magical product that gives you a fresh boost at any time of the day without having to wash your face? Well, with this facial cleanser you can easily remove all dead cells, impurities, and makeup while keeping your skin’s essential oils intact. 

3. Resurfacing Instant Scrub Facial: From Colorbar’s Blue-Light Defense range, this exceptionally gentle scrub facial helps you detoxify the build-up of dead skin caused by blue light exposure using 100% natural soft charcoal beads.


Moisturizing and keeping your skin hydrated is a self-care 101. Try these moisturizing cream and lotion to power up your beauty arsenal:

1. Timeless Lift Miracle Lifting Day Creme: Help your skin appear brighter and firmer with this face moisturizing cream. Enriched with the VitaLift complex, this nourishing day crème helps stimulate collagen and elastin production and prevents your skin from premature ageing.

2. Spotlight Illuminating Lotion: Enriched with the goodness of mulberry extract and its light-reflecting pigments, this lotion is one of the best moisturizers for face that there are. This lotion will minimize the appearance of dark spots and fine lines, blessing you with an instant and long-lasting glow.


Don’t let your skin get parched and dry, instead, flood it with moisture with these hydrating mists:

1. Scent of an Indian Temple: Feel like a goddess with this refreshing mist which has the infusion of 100% Pure Mogra Water, Apple Fruit Water, and Cherry Fruit Water.  This potent mist will help firm up your skin while soothing and hydrating it to the core.

2. Strolling in the French Riviera: Rose=Love, isn’t that right? Love your skin a bit more this pure blend of 100% Pure Rose Water, Green Tea Extracts, a rich source of Vitamin C and E, Aloe Vera Extracts & Lavender. Together this formula will hydrate, rejuvenate, and nourish your skin while balancing your skin’s pH levels.


Constantly staring at the screens while being locked indoors can give our skin a million problems. Worry you not, the best of face oils and face serums are here to the rescue:

1. Cellular Dry Oil: Let this unique oil complex immerse your skin in the lightweight and sheer pool of moisture-boosting treatment. The perfect blend leaves your skin with no residue and helps lock the natural moisture of your skin.

2. Timeless Lift Miracle Lifting Serum: Repair your skin from within, with this VitaLift complex rich infused specialist serum that prevents visible signs of aging. This face serum has an anti-aging formula that goes deep in your skin layers and helps restore its youthful radiance and promotes cell regeneration.


Bless your bathing ritual with the best products for soothing your senses and skin. Feeling fresh just got easier with:

1. Body Wash and Shower Gel - Floral Breeze: This perfect blend of airy Rose water and Rose flower oil in the name of a body wash, is a romantic & modern medley that lets you wash your way to a cleaner, smoother, and softer skin.

2. Body Lotion & Moisturiser - Floral Breeze: Treat your skin with an extra hint of nourishment with this non-greasy and fast-absorbing lotion, that leaves you with a calming day-dreamy fragrance.


1. Gentle Cleansing Hand Wash-Floral Breeze: Infused with the richness of olive and castor oils, this gentle pH balanced soap-free formula helps you deep cleanse and moisturize your hands at the same time.

2. Fruit Drop Hand CreamWith all the handwashing to protect yourself, your hands might get dryer by the day. Pamper your hands and give them extra hydration with this decadent hand moisturizing cream, enriched with the goodness of 94% natural ingredients derived from Apple, Kiwi, Grapefruit, and Carrot.

Now go on, give yourself the time-out you deserve with our products that are power-packed with love to show your body that you care!