Cash On Delivery Available15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

Cash On Delivery Available
15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15
Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499
Cash On Delivery Available15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

Cash On Delivery Available

15% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW15

Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

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Magic Water Primer
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WATER BOMB Magic Water Primer is a silky, feather-light glow primer that delivers instant hydration and protection from pollutants. This innovative soft-pink gel bursts into water droplets and transforms your skin into a smooth canvas ideal for long-lasting makeup application....

MRP : ₹850

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Magic Water Crème
Best Seller


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Magic Water Crème is a weightless glow moisturiser that delivers instant and continuous hydration that lasts up to 72 Hrs*. With our exclusive 'H20 Vita Complex' that contains special actives and water from the Swiss Glaciers, this magic crème targets...

MRP : ₹850

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Thirst Quenching Masque
Best Seller


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Thirst Quenching Masque is an overnight sleeping masque for dull, thirsty skin. This advanced, hydrating masque protects skin’s own moisture barrier to enhance and revive its radiance.  It is fully loaded with super-quenching actives in our exclusive ‘H20 Vita Complex’,...

MRP : ₹950

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Burst of Hydration for your Skin with Colorbar Water Bomb Range 

<p>When they say ‘keep yourself hydrated’, you better take it seriously. And here’s our Water Bomb Range to help you do that. </p> 
<p>Now you may ask why hydration is an important part of our skincare routine. It’s because our skin is exposed to several environmental factors, pollutants, and wear and tear on a daily basis and needs adequate hydration to retain its quality. If our skin lacks moisture, it becomes rough, itchy, dry, and irritated.  In fact, our skin becomes oilier too if it lacks hydration as the body ends up producing more sebum to make up for the lost moisture. As a result, you start suffering from acne and pimples.  Furthermore, hydration is crucial to keep your skin young for a long period of time and stop wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. </p>
<p>Regular skincare routine focused on hydration is important for all skin types as it helps the skin to remain soft, plump, and moisturized. Colorbar Water Bomb Range has formulas that help the skin to overcome the negative effects of our busy lifestyles and retain its moisture level. Imbued with advanced and unique ingredients, our <a href="">skincare range</a> stays
true to its name - it literally is a hydration bomb for your skin. Have an extensive look into our Water Bomb
Collection. </p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Know the Colorbar Water Bomb Range Closely</h2>
<p>The Colorbar Water Bomb Collection has been designed to meet the hydration needs of all skin types. Dry and dull skin types in particular will benefit immensely from this skincare range owing to the presence of the ‘H20 Vita complex’ that constitutes potent ingredients and waters from Swiss Glaciers. Additionally, FicuCell Vita makes your skin firmer while
marine actives boost the hyaluronic acid content to make your skin look soft. Aqua Hero promotes the creation of aquaporins which increase the skin’s capacity to retain moisture. </p>
<p>The range is directed at helping the skin to withstand the attack of harsh pollutants and stress-ridden lifestyles. Upon regular usage of this range, you will be delighted to see youthful and healthy skin that does not look leathery, wrinkly, and lifeless. </p>
<p>Let’s have a deeper look at the products offered by the Water Bomb Range.</p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Get Hydrated and Glowing Skin with Water Bomb Products  </h2>
<p>Now that you know what our Water Bomb skincare range is all about, let’s explore the products inside the range so that you can get a clearer idea as to which ones are best for you.  </p>
<p><strong><a href="">Magic Water Primer</a></strong> - Protecting your skin from harsh polluting agents, the Water Bomb Magic Water Primer is a silky gel primer that prepares a smooth and hydrated base for a long-lasting and beautiful makeup look. The H20 Vita Complex supplies hydration to the skin throughout the day and blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, thus making you look fresh and youthful. Applying this primer is a great way to make your skin firm and elastic as it contains Ficucell Vita which
accelerates the production of elastin and collagen - the two proteins responsible for keeping your skin youthful.
Additionally, hazelnut oil moisturizes dehydrated skin and antioxidant-rich cloudberry revitalizes your complexion. </p>
<p><strong><a href="">Magic Water Crème</a></strong> - Next we have this weightless moisturizer that provides hydration for as long as 72 hours! Again, it contains the ‘H20 Vita Complex’ that is highly effective in moisturizing dull skin and increasing its radiance and glow. Applying this moisturizer is in itself a wholesome and hydrating experience as it breaks into water droplets that dissolve into your skin to lock in all the moisture and give an ethereal glow. The Magic Water Creme accelerates the production of collagen and elastin and delays the process of aging.  With this cream, your skin gets a soft, smooth, and hydrated appearance.
Apply this regularly as a part of your skincare routine to get energized, glowing, and brightened complexion.</p>
<p><strong><a href="">Thirst Quenching Masque</a></strong> - Use it as an overnight sleeping mask or an instant fix for SOS requirement of moisture. A magic mask for dull and dry skin, it shields the moisture barrier of the skin and revives its quality. It is a highly advanced formula that is abundant with actives that make the skin’s internal structure strong and transport water to the skin. It also contains a
resurrection plant that repairs and transforms the quality of your skin. When applied at night, this works to hydrate your skin the entire time.  Again, it prevents the degradation of collagen to ensure that the skin remains elastic for a long time. The hyaluronic acid present gives quick hydration to the skin.  By boosting the production of aquaporins, it gives a soft appearance. Vita Biorhythm maintains the skin’s rhythm due to which it remains relaxed. </p>
<p>There are two ways to use this mask. Apply this mask to the face and neck after moisturizing and go to bed. Or for an instant burst of hydration, you could apply the mask and massage it until it is absorbed. You could remove the masque with a soft tissue too if you desire.  </p>
<p>This range is curated to satisfy your skin’s hydration needs. Get the best results by using these products in the correct order. Here we show you can prep your base for makeup perfectly with Water Bomb Range.</p> 
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Best Hydrating Skincare Routine for Incredible Makeup </h2>
<p>Suppose you have to go out on a lunch date and want to sport smooth, hydrated, and glowing skin. Here’s how your skincare routine before makeup will look like with our Water Bomb Range. </p>
<p> ⦁ Cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin properly.</p>
<p> ⦁ After you have cleansed your skin, use the face mask. Massage it onto the skin in an upwards direction until it is fully absorbed into the skin. You could remove the excess with the help of tissue too. </p>
<p> ⦁ After applying the mask, massage Magic Water Creme onto your skin gently in an upward direction to hydrate and moisturize your skin.</p>
<p> ⦁ Now prime your skin using the Magic Water Primer. Take some of the product onto your hands and smooth it all over the skin. </p>
<p>Now your skin is sufficiently prepped and is ready for <a href="">makeup</a> application. </p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Buy Water Bomb Range Online at Colorbar Cosmetics</h2>
<p>Love the trending dewy skin look? Here’s the ticket to your dream skin with Colorbar Water Bomb Range. And here’s how you can instantly claim your share of water explosion! Shop for our Water Bomb Range online at <a href="">Colorbar
Cosmetics</a> and give your skincare routine a water-boost! Avail exciting offers and quick order delivery. </p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)</h2>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Why to buy the Water Bomb Range from Colorbar Cosmetics? </h2>
<p>Colorbar Water Bomb Range takes into account your stressful lifestyle and its impact on your skin. The formula contains H20 Vita Complex that fights dull and dry skin, makes it firm and youthful, and preserves its moisture levels.
Paraben free and 100% vegan, Colorbar Water Bomb Products are gentle on your skin while taking care of its hydration needs and overall health. </p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >Is Colorbar Water Bomb Range good for oily skin? </h2>
<p>Although the Colorbar Water Bomb Range is particularly beneficial for dry and dull skin, it is suitable for all skin types including oily skin. The primary aim of this range is to help the skin maintain its health and combat the impact of harsh external conditions on a daily basis. Therefore, this skincare range helps all skin types to stay hydrated and radiant.   </p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo" >What is the difference between Water Bomb Collection and Hydra Whitening Range by Colorbar? </h2>
<p>Although both Water Bomb Range and Hydra Whitening Range offer hydrating properties, there’s a slight difference between the two ranges. The Water Bomb Range provides your skin with adequate hydration, while the Hydra Whitening Range
consists of a whitening treatment formula that also has hydrating properties. The former gives your skin a hydrated look, while the latter gives your skin a whitening radiance. </p>