This chilly season the blessings of warm holidays make you want to be bold and stage a style statement none of your companions will forget. All the warm barbeque parties or the sangria night-outs throughout the week to want you to look glamorous amidst those multi-layered Vogue trends, but at the same time, you want to bundle up in a warm corner of the home sipping hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. Quite literally, Netflix and chill!

While we are struggling to keep our hands out in cold, it is almost a task to apply nail paints. Yet, your hands catch quite an attention during winters and a neatly dressed hand with clean nails surrounded with finger ornaments. Here is a list of nail trends that will suit your winter outfits the best. After all, a quick mani shouldn't be forgotten in all that party planning:-

1. Unleash the Devil in you

With Santa color schemes taking over the city, the season calls for red nail lacquer. The Colorbar Russian Red is the perfect shade to go with. A color that's not striking, but is surely red enough to make your hand always look ready-to-go for the celebrations or night-outs. This classic red Colorbar nail polish will ensure that you remain festive as well as sophisticated with your look. Red can sure be intimidating with a chance of turning hyper, but the right shade is an impression maker when applied clean. It is bold, bright and beautiful!

2. For the child in you

The Colorbar Unicorn Fantasy nail lacquer is definitely your go-to festive feminine Colorbar nail paint. With glitter adding a vibrant shine over the popping colors to perfectly contrast the fades of the season. Honestly though, is there anything better than walking around with a unicorn fantasy on your fingertips?

3. Starry Nights!

Have you ever stopped and stared at that beautiful winter night sky? We found a nail polish that looks as magical as that. The Colorbar Black Nail Fiesta nail lacquer makes it seem as if your nails are the winter night sky that is often the inspiration to poetries. Wear it to pull yourself out of the blanket and watch how the color of your nails becomes the talk of the town.

4. Metal theme

Go with a metallic tone to make a bold statement. The Colorbar Metallic nail lacquer series has the ideal finish we all need. Shine isn't exclusive to glitter. Choose the golden or the silver tones to brighten up those gloomy winter days. These colors also do away with the hectic process of changing nail paints before every party because they go with every outfit. You're welcome!

5. Keep it nude!

Who doesn't love nude? And the best part about nude remains that it knows how to work all seasons. Go with the color Taupe from the Colorbar Nude It nails lacquer series. With a subtle hint of white, it brings that winter snow glow on your fingertips making them sublime.

6. The mistletoe

Green remains as festive as red does throughout the Christmas season. Get holiday ready with the Colorbar Magical Green. This nail polish surely does bring a little magic in the look it so beautifully creates. You can't go wrong with this one.