Diwali Dazzle: 9 Awesome Tips to Level up Your Diwali Makeup

Diwali is all about bling, lights, and sparkle, so your Diwali makeup should be miles away from anything ordinary. Instead, it should ooze loads of glitz and glow. And for that, you need some awesome Diwali makeup tips that will help you put together a stellar festive look.

From unearthing a pearl-like luminosity and getting your highlighter game on to complementing your blingiest traditional outfits with your eye makeup and pulling off a vibrant pout, know all the tips you need to level up your Diwali makeup this year.


Opt for high coverage foundations: Festive days need you to make a switch from everyday lightweight foundations to high coverage foundations. These foundations give heightened coverage to hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and enlarged pores, thus delivering an absolutely flawless and vibrant base to go with your sparkling and elaborate Diwali eye makeup looks.

Mix illuminator with foundation: What is a Diwali makeup look without a dazzling glow that makes you look like a glam star? To get that lit-from-within glow, here’s a makeup hack that even pro-makeup artists swear by. Mix your foundation with an illuminating lotion like our Spotlight Illuminating Lotion to get that dream-like and long-lasting glow.

Load up the highlighter: It’s the festive season, so it’s legal to dip yourself in highlighters to get that celestial glow. Here’s a makeup tip to boost your highlighter game, and that’s using a highlighter that looks natural on your skin tone. For example, silver highlighters complement light skin tones very well, while rose-gold shades look ethereal on medium/wheatish skin tones. Gold highlighters lend that ‘oh-so-hot’ glow to deep complexions.

Now here’s a concept you should get right to choose the correct shade of eyeshadow and lipstick for your ethnic ensemble. One thumb rule for Diwali makeup - don’t match, but complement. For example, wearing yellow eyeshadow to match your yellow kurta can be a potential fashion faux pas. Instead, go for colors that complement your outfit as per the Color Theory (a quick Google search will help you). Here are some tips to create Diwali makeup looks that will complement your outfits:

Light makeup for bright & blingy outfits: If your Diwali outfit is bright, blingy, and heavy on detailing, going for heavy makeup will ruin the balance. Instead, nude eye makeup looks in light/soft pink, beige, gold, and brown shades will look glamorous yet sophisticated with your outfit. Further, a nude or light lipstick complementing the shade of your eye makeup will retain the softness.

Spice up your makeup with light outfits: On the other hand, outfits in light colors allow you to go heavy with your makeup. The only rule you need to remember in this case is to never club a bright eye with a bright lip. Instead, choose to dramatize just one element of the face - either lips or eyes. A hit festive makeup look would be pairing bold red lips with nude eyes plus winged eyeliner. Or you could also opt for bronze eyes with red lips. Smokey eye lovers can try out grey smokey eyes with plum lips for a bolder makeup look.

Make accessories your muse: While matching Diwali makeup to your outfit is not advisable, matching the same to your accessories is a complete YES! You could create your eye or lip looks around the color of your shoes, bags, or a particular color from your outfit. So if you have a red purse, you could go for a bold red pout to match the purse. This way of color-coordinating makes you look polished yet majestic for the festive season.

Exactly, how much bling is too much bling? So here are some more secret Diwali makeup tips to take the bling quotient to another dimension:

Intensify your shimmery eyeshadows: It often gets difficult to bring out the true pigment of shimmery eyeshadows. Therefore, what you end up with is a dull wash of color, which is a bummer for your Diwali makeup look. To make your shimmery eyeshadows more intense, spritz some setting spray onto your eyeshadow application brush before taking on the color. Apply the color on your eyelids using the brush to get a jaw-dropping pay-off.
Go all out with glitter lips: Flaunting glitter lips is the best way to add extra bling to your Diwali makeup look. Want to flaunt a bold and shimmery red pout with your winged eyeliner? Go for our Starry Flip Lip Color in the shade Hot as Hell. Want nude shimmers to pair with your black smokey eye? Try our Out and About Shade.

Extra dramatic with rhinestones: Give a Euphoria twist to your Desi Diwali makeup look by adding rhinestones. Apart from amping up the drama, rhinestones will uniquely complement the stone or zari work on your outfit. Add little rhinestones to the inner corners of your eyes or the tips of your winged eyeliner for a regal and modern look.

Diwali decorations, gifting trips, outfit trials, and party itineraries have left you with no time to decide on a suitable Diwali makeup look? Don’t worry. Just follow these Diwali makeup tips to grace the festival with a stellar makeup look. Make this Diwali as magical as you!